Grieving A Spouse

Today I reflect again on the death of my husband, you see today marks the third anniversary of his death. And this year the date falls on Father’s Day which seems particularly sad because not only was he my husband, but he was a father.
I decided to honor his memory today by reflecting back on the great times, the times that I grin with joy about.

Grieving a spouse creates a different complexity to your grief, because of the intimate connection as husband and wife – you feel like apart of you like a limb has been ripped off. Things you shared with the one person who knew you better than anyone is now gone…whom do you now confide? Who understands me? And who will tell me everything is going to be OK? I’ve worked through these questions and many more, but I admit I shed a few tears today anyway because I miss the man who loved me so.


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  • “It’s a year since he’s passed and I was really waiting and anticipating on how I would deal with it. I wanted the day to be over with and get it behind me but I also wanted to honor him and made a promise to honor him every year. I went back to North Carolina and the place we were the happiest, the place we were going to retire to.

    I found a small country church and asked if they would unlock the door for me to go inside with my dearest friends. I read a prayer that we gave out at his wake and the short note my daughter read at his grave sight. I cried and so did they and then I was left alone for a few minutes to sit there.

    I came back home and made a very hard decision to take my wedding band off and put it the box with his. I’ll always be married to him in my heart. How will I deal with the second year when I honor him? So many questions to be answered and where will I find them?
    I know the only way I can deal with this is one day at a time.”
    Pam K.

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