How Can People Know Someone Dies Before Their Time?

I’m sure many of us have heard the comment “they died before their time”  when someone dies at what seems earlier than they should have.  I felt that way when my husband died at age 55 following an accident.  Being widowed at age 49 simply didn’t seem fair.  When children die we all feel a terrible injustice and our hearts break for parents that have to endure such a loss.  But I wonder, how can people know someone dies before their time?

However long you live maybe it simply is your time.  We don’t know when our time is, when it will end here on earth and most of our religious beliefs help us come to terms with death and how we can find peace with it. When a loved one dies we most often turn to our religious faith for answers, comfort and support. Faith can offer strength to us when our loved ones die, I know for me,  my faith helped me walk the journey through grief.

nature - lone treeEven with my faith holding me up, I wondered for years if I was missing out on life because I had stopped living?   In time I discovered healing & inspiration was all around me and I failed to notice. When I finally opened to the world around me and took time to look around  at the beauty that abounds even on my own back yard it lit a spark within me.  The spark of life and love that was there all the time, I had to invite it back in.

What I have come to learn over the years since my husband’s death is that no matter how terrible a death, it shouldn’t stop me from living.  I also believe it was his chosen time to leave this earth and I’m now okay with that.

Sometimes it seems there are so many things we can’t control, but we can choose to live, laugh and love again which is my wish for anyone reading this post today.


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  • This is something I found on the internet that I feel is true.

    No One Dies “Before Their Time”
    April 11, 2015 by Tamara Hawk 5 Comments
    We hear this quite often. “They died before their time”. I understand the phrase. But really “No, they didn’t”.

    They may have died before you were ready to let them go, but everyone dies at their time. Not before, not after. Doesn’t matter if they were 9 or 90 or in-utero or starting college, if it was not their time, they would still be here.

    Our society looks at death as such an awful thing. Its not. We all do it. No one doesn’t die. It can be heartbreaking for us when one of our loved ones goes before we are ready, but I want you to know that they are okay. When I connect with a loved one, they are all happy.

    This can be really hard for you to hear if you have lost someone that was ‘younger’ than you would expect them to go. I have talked to spirits of all ages, I have never talked to one that said “I wasn’t supposed to go”, NOT ONE EVER. I have talked to spirits that said “Wow, didn’t expect that to happen”, but never “It shouldn’t have happened”.

    no one dies before their time

    We have soul agreements with pretty much everyone in our life. Even if you lose someone and it seems ‘too early’, they came into your life for a reason. Before they were born they knew when they might leave human form. You agreed to be with them for the time they would have here.

    Try and hold onto that thought, that even though you were not ready for them to go, they are not suffering. They love you. They are still with you, they are okay. They want for you to be okay. Without exception.

    Talk to them, they can hear you. They support you as best as they can in their current form. And you WILL see them again.



  • Rita, I hope someone answered you. I’m so sorry you felt that way, I just hope you now have a little bit of light at least. I’ve just lost my son xx

  • This is so true. My husband won his battle against lung cancer, but three years later he lost his battle against the treatments. When he died, I wanted to die. I simply didn’t WANT to continue without him. Then that spark kindled life in me. I could literally feel myself coming back from death’s door. It is nearly five years later and my life is full. I miss John every day and cry many days, but I also laugh and love and continue God’s work. Last month a 22 year old girl was killed in an auto accident. I had watched her grow up next door and admired her for her choices. She was the only young person to attend John’s memorial. Something about her death hit me really hard and I still don’t understand why.

  • My Name is Waldina Cameron my son Andrew Brooks died in a fire on October 10 2010. He was 23 at the time Andrew would have been 26 this coming August 10 it’s so strange 101010 . I am very spiritual I believe my son is in a great place yet I am in incredible pain. Andrew died a hero he saved three lives on that day. I have a page dedicated to him Honoring Shrinersvhospital Boston MA. It is on Facebook. Andrew Brooks Memorial Fund. Hard days r coming for me sad days

  • Your words have helped as I grieve my husband who died on March 8,2013. I feel that I have no purpose now that he is gone–I am 70 year old and there are no more goals in my life. It seems all I do now is pay bills and cry. I have developed sciatic nerve pain as well from a herinated disc and I am to have surgery on Aug. 14 for some relief in the horrible pain. I am feeling sorry for myself because I do not have my husband to help me now as I was a caregiver to him in his cancer battle for 2 years. Please help me.

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