How Will You Cope With Grief This Holiday Season?

angelWe’re into the holiday season, we see all the ads on TV for all the latest and greatest products and sales, and the social activities are being planned.  If you are grieving the death of a loved one, you might not be feeling very festive and jolly, in fact you might be more like Scrooge – ho hum bug, wondering how will you cope You might be asking, how can I survive this?  How can I hide until this is all over? I can’t act normal because my life isn’t normal – I can’t face happy people – why doesn’t anyone talk about my loved one?

If this is the first holiday without your dear loved one you might, your emotions are raw and tears will flow.

What does all this mean?  Well, it means that the void that is left in your life by the loss of your loved one might have changed how you and your family choose to celebrate this holiday season.  It may mean a time to honor old rituals and possibly a time to start creating new ones around the memory of your loved one.

Here are a few tips;

  • Honor What You Feel – Anger, Sadness, Depression, Fear, Guilt, etc
  • Express What You Feel – talk to others about how you are feeling
  • Plan Ahead – This will help you cope and avoid unexpected situations
  • Empower Yourself Where You Can – Evaluate traditions and be clear on what you want
  • Self Care – Don’t assume you are taking care, be deliberate about taking time for yourself

Here are a few ways to incorporate your loved one into your holiday traditions;

  • Gift a gift in their name – Buy a gift your loved one would have liked and donate it in their name
  • Include your loved one in gatherings – By bringing out photos and share stories
  • Plant A Tree – Place a tree next to your loved ones headstone, it can be planted after the holiday in a memorial garden or your yard.

It is a fact that most people who experience any major loss do recover and live a full life again. So there is hope.

“Once you choose hope, anything is possible” – Actor, Christopher Reeves

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2 Responses to How Will You Cope With Grief This Holiday Season?

  • This time of the year was BUDDY’s favorite tkime . He always put our CHRISTMAS tree together. HE brought the guys present and Ibrought the girls. IT IS REALLY HARD BECAUSE i keep reliving that night in FEB. 1,2009 WHEN HE DIED. I was not going to put up a tree but my 16 years old grandson is coming to stay so I found a small white one(which we have never had a white one before). I have made some new ornaments so we want even have to go in the attic for the old ones this year.
    I still hears his foot walking at 4 am and i sometimes can smell the coffee which has not been made since his death. It strange how our senses and mind works.
    I have learned from others to give it all to God and let him work us through the memories and on the days I am down it is okay just keep praying and asking for Gods help to keep the devil away.
    God knows my fears and he is my strenght. He put my husband and me together and he took us apart but I know he is there
    with his around me protecting me and i lean heavy on his words and strenght to take me all the days of my life.
    I am trying not to wory about tomorrow because I do not see the future nor can I take care ofthe pass. I can only live one day at a time. I still have bads days when I feel that the world is on my shoulders and i can not remember things and cry . BUt i have learn to cry to God for his help and strenght to get me through that day , that hour, the minute , and that second.
    God has blessed me with two good friends that have been with me through this all and when things are not okay they help me pray and give me peep talks as to whom I must turn this day over to (GOD).
    My advise is to the grieving , turn your grief over to God ,he is waiting to bless you and bring you around to were you need to be. You will never be the same hopefully you will be stronger then before to face what ever comes your away.
    I have learn towait and ask God to help me before I make any decisions.
    may God bless each day for you, Mary

  • I just don’t know how I’m going to cope this Christmas. In addition to Christmas, David’s birthday is December 23. He would have been 50 years old. I don’t want to celebrate. There is nothing to celebrate. Nothing helps. It’s always there.

    Sorry to be such a “downer” but I can’t think of anything at all that will make me feel better. We were together 19 years, but never married. His family insisted his services be in his birthplace and I was not able to attend. They promised me they would split his ashes, but did not follow through with it. I have only my precious memories of him,

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