Two important words – “I Decide”

When I talk with people about grief and loss what often comes up are those questions that seem like they have no answers. “Will I ever get over my grief”, “Will I be happy again”, Will I ever stop feeling so sad” and so on.

We are all different and thus our journey through grief is unique to each of us even though there are factors such as your relationship with the deceased that come into play.  We make the decision to grieve or to shove it away, we make the decision to be gentle and kind and allow ourselves to mourn openly and feel sadness.

We also decide to be happy again, to seek a life of joy. We decide to honor the memories of our loved ones lost and to talk about them with fondness. We decide to be grateful for the time shared with someone or we decide to be bitter and angry about the loss.  Yes, even in grief you decide. We can empower ourselves to live life despite our losses and that is what I have decided.

You might want to write down exactly the type of life you want. How your life will benefit those around you.

What will you decide?

  ~ JoAnne Funch



2 Responses to Two important words – “I Decide”

  • i have been a widower for a short time (Dec 24,2011); however, your website has been an awesome help for me! It’s as though it was written and placed here for me expressly. By the time I found it I had already been told stupid things like you’ll find someone else, i know how you feel my dad died, and so forth. Then i found the grievers bill of rights. It stated most of what i was going through or getting ready to go through.

    I read your articles and they helped immensely. Thank you and may God bless your work for it truly is a blessing at this time of our lives.

  • Thank you!

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