Is There Life After Death?

I was listening to spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer talk on his weekly radio program this week about grief.

A caller to the program was asking him about her grief over the recent passing of her father and some of the regrets she assumed he had and her longing to connect with him again.

Dr Dyer said “We don’t know about this business called death so sometimes we assume death is nothingness, emptiness or a void” that a deceased person slips into. Dr Dyer posed the question “Is he in a worse place?” meaning than the place he was at here on earth.   “If you believe in life after death or this place called heaven, then you know you will see your departed again.”

He went on to share that death is a natural part of life, but the “more spiritual you become this whole concept of death changes.” He used an example that the nature of the universe is birth to death and we are all changing, we don’t have the same body at 40 as we did when we were 3. Eventually we leave this body.

Dr Dyer suggested that if on your spiritual path you understand this natural order of things and that there are no accidents in the universe, we are all born and die exactly when we are supposed to than you will eliminate the doubt of where the deceased has gone and your grieving will be gone.

“Grief is about our ego and the sadness for our loss” but if the person who died is truly in a beautiful place than we grieve for ourselves.”

We do feel great heartache following the death of a loved one, I believe that is part of this human experience. But what I think Dr Dyer is saying, is that when we look at death from a spiritual perspective than we can find peace in the idea of death.

I found these ideas worth sharing with you and by no means am I suggesting you adopt the same beliefs. My goal as always is to share information and ideas that we all can benefit from.   Death has certainly taught me about life and I ultimately I am true to my personal and spiritual beliefs and I hope you are as well.  At the same time, I am open to experience new ideas and I hope you are too…when you are ready.

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4 Responses to Is There Life After Death?

  • I am sorry for your loss and know the hurt that comes from losing someone you loved so dearly. For me, grief was very logical. It made perfect sense that the deeper that I loved, the more profound the grief would be. The pain that I felt can only be understood from others who have experienced the same loss. There is not a day that I do not think of my beautiful late husband, for it is through me that his story will be told. I have gone on with my life and taken the essence of Michael with me. I am lucky in that the man that I love, understands my need to , “remember,” and also has the self confidence and trust in me to know that he is loved and cherished above all else. I was told once from a friend who had lost his wife at a very young age, “that to remember what once was, brings empowerment to create what can be.”

  • Three months ago, I lost the love of my life, my future wife. What no one seems to understand is that grief, while both mind (logic) and heart (emotion) are involved – the reality is that they are not connected and are light-years apart. And clearly, the heart dominates. Grief is emotional, not logical.

    So, most all authors on grief tell you to deal with it at the level of the mind (logic, makes sense). But grief is clearly an emotional response experienced with your heart that does not respond to logic. And the only way to get past grief is to hurt so deeply and so often that one day you wake up sore from the hurt. Yes, you “hurt from the hurt” and train yourself to not think about your lost love.

  • We will be reunited with our loved ones in heaven–we miss them now but we will be with them for all of eternity. I wrote an article about how to find hope when you’re grieving. You can read it here, and feel free to share the link if you find it helpful.

  • I was able to spend time and help both parents on their end of life journey, Mom for three days (6 weeks or 25 years depending which phase of her chronic-turned-terminal illness you start from). Dad during the last three years when his cancer matastized from lack of treatment (ignoring it till the pain got too bad).

    I have been a hospice volunteer for 25 years. americans are conditioned away from actually stepping forward and engaging in ths phase of life, which so oftne tears families apart after with the unspoken un resolved consequences.

    What I know, is that it does not matter what your spiritual path is, should you chose to get directly and intimately involved to help others whose lives are coming to an end, face your own fears, anxieties, concerns…directly, you WILL find your answers, come to peace and have as meaningful a journey as you have any other stage of your life!

    Thank you for this!

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