Men and Women Grieve Differently

Women tend to approach grief differently than men. Often women have a network of friends and relationships already in place, providing them an opportunity for deep personal sharing. Men don’t often have a network except perhaps through peers at work. Whether you are a man or a woman, you need to vent your emotions, and use other people to help you heal. Seek out support and when people ask how they can help –

– ask them to just listen while you talk about your loved one

– ask them to call you once and awhile to check in and see how you are doing

– ask them to invite you out or over for coffee and dinner


3 Responses to Men and Women Grieve Differently

  • Dear Ajay,
    My heart goes out to you during your time of sorrow. I can feel how sad you are over your wife and son leaving. Do you belong to a Hindu Temple? I encourage you to find someone to talk about your grief and how to cope immediately.
    If you do not belong to a Temple do you have other Hindu friends you would be comfortable speaking with? I suggest this because they would better understand your culture and Hindu customs. if not, I suggest you look up grief support in the city you live. There are many loving people who would be qualified to talk with you and let you know you are not alone during this difficult time.
    If you cannot find a support group you can email me personally and I will help you.

  • Being an hindu, this christmas and newyear , i am all alone, just no one to talk to

  • Well

    I have loved my wife very sincerely. She would always come tired from work, thereafter would never every have the mind or the energy to be romantic.

    I have to keep on hinting at her for making love or being romantic.

    Recently, i was had a problem with my new job, i decided to resign, she just came home and started arguing and in no time the situation flaired up. I kept on telling her that i loved her and that i dont have any one besides her, she pierced my heart by saying i am after her money.

    Now she has taken my sone away, i am all alone the new year time, i have stopped eating and just remember her and my son Rishi. I dont have the guts to kill my self, hence want to die slowly and gradually.

    Always beleived that once you marry die besides that person when you grow old and today i have no one, not even my son, my wife .

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