A Mothers Day Gift

Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for those who have lost their mother and for those who have lost children.  There are millions of people for whom Mother’s Day is sad an lonely especially when you see others buying gifts and planning brunches and you spend quiet hours in grief.

I too am motherless and I choose to honor and remember my Mom by talking about her, sharing stories and memories that warm my heart and for one special day I honor her in death as I would in life.  I look at the tree that was planted in her honor and see how many feet it has grown since her death and I suspect my mom in her infinite wisdom and love of the earth and all things in nature somehow aids in the growth process!

If you know someone who lost their Mom, or a mother who has lost a child this past year, take a moment to acknowledge their loss and share in remembering.  Let them know you too honor the memory with them, rather than letting the day pass with words unspoken because you think the pain is too great to talk remember because I assure you a kind gesture of acknowledge brings great comfort to those who grieve.

Yes, my mother was truly a gift for which I remain eternally grateful.

How do you honor and remember your Mother?  How do you honor yourself as the mother of a child who has passed? 

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?  Please share your comments below




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  • i know its a few days late,but this was my first mothers day without my mom.she passed march 31 of this year, and i still feel as if im going to walk in her room(she lived with me and my husband)and she would still be there,making jokes or talking smack and picking with my husband and i. i was her caregiver for the last 2.5 years and now its so lonely around the house when my dh is at work.i miss her so much 🙁

  • Good advice for people (such as myself) that still have a mom but are reminded of so many others that don’t. And for us to reach out to those that are motherless this Mother’s Day, and give them a chance to talk about their memories of their mom. It’s an important part of their healing process! Thank you for the reminder:)

  • Amen! I agree that we need to acknowledge the loss of our loved ones and others even when it is uncomfortable. It means so much for someone to send a word of comfort or remembrance. I try to do that more now that my mother has passed away (almost 3 years ago) and experienced many times where people wouldn’t speak about her due not wanting to feel uncomfortable with their own pain or grief.
    I put flowers on mom’s grave but don’t really find much comfort in that as she is not there. We usually share fun remembrances of her at a meal tomorrow- that is easier to do with each passing year. Last year I planted a perennial that had her name in it “Helenium”. Maybe I will plant another one that reminds me of her.
    The best advice my mother ever gave me was in how she lived her life in the good days and the hard days. She had a strong faith in God, smiled and laughed a lot and kept on going in the hardest of times.
    She died suddenly and I didn’t get to talk with her those last days, but she left peacefully and left a wonderful example to me and our family of Love, Faith and joy in the journey of life.
    Thanks for your website- I read it often and find comfort in hearing other peoples stories of grieving and loss.

  • Mothers Day is the worse day for me. I visually create the beautiful memories of my son when we had those best moments.
    My life has changed immensely since my son passed away, I try to stay positive and do things that I would do with him on this day.

  • Lost my son 6 years ago. Needing to live in the moment and do what I need and/or feel like doing to either grieve or feel happy with all my blessings.

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