Planting a tree is an optimistic act

Planting a tree is an act of futurePlanting a tree is an optimistic act about the future. It is a true act of faith in the future.  Following the death of a loved one we need to hold on to our faith and know that the future will once again be bright.  The symbol of a tree is so representative of our rebirth of sorts and just like a tree we will once again growth and flourish.

I also love the idea of planting a tree in remembrance of a loved one.  It keeps the memory of our loved ones near every time we see the tree and every year it gets taller and more beautiful.

How do you feel when you see new housing developments planting trees? I see the future of a new neighborhood and when we add new trees to city parks and around our towns simply to beautify our surroundings,  that’s the future too.

In the depths of grief, it is often very difficult to look to the future, but I assure you that one day you will.  Once again you will feel optimistic about the future and have loving memories of the past.

Remembering and honoring our loved ones is part of the healing process and spring tends to make us all think of planting and cultivating something new.  I hope you will be mindful while planting your garden as it  blossoms and grows into something strong and beautiful reaching for the sunshine and sky.Planting a tree is an optimistic act

You want your new tree to last forever, get tips on how to plant a new tree properly:


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