Support Groups for Widows

Today I attended a luncheon sponsored by a local funeral home and partner of the LIFT Program.  I wanted to see firsthand what they have to offer for widows/widowers.

The LIFT program is a social support program that  provides monthly luncheons and various other outings and activities. It’s a really good way for widows and widowers to connect with people who understand what they are going through.

The LIFT program often features guest speakers on a variety of topics, and these events are totally free too.

Benefits Of  Joining A Widow Support Group

The benefits of the LIFT group and other support groups for widows and widowers are many:

Support Groups For Widows1.  Provides a place to meet others who have lost their spouse, others who understand your loss.

2.  Provides support from feeling isolated and alone

3.  Opportunity to meet new friends

4.  Great way to participate in organized activities without feeling like the 3rd wheel (often those who have lost a spouse feel like the 3rd wheel with their friends that have spouses)

LIFT offers groups nationwide. you can click on this link to find one nearest you.

*My personal experience today was that the group was all seniors. That’s not to say all groups all the same so be sure to ask the organizer the ages of the attendees.

Remember, you don’t have to be alone.  If you can’t find a group in your area, contact me and I will try to help!