Support Groups for Widows

Support groups for widows can be found in many places. I am updating this post in 2019 since it was originally published with new ideas on how to gain support from women and men who are walking the widows journey.

First, I suggest you make a few phone calls to the following organizations as they will know if there are support groups in your community:

  • Funeral homes
  • Hospice (search online for hospice & your city name)
  • Church’s
  • Hospitals – search for the name of your hospital & bereavement services

Benefits Of  Joining A Widow Support Group

The benefits of joining a support groups for widows and widowers are many:

Support Groups For Widows1.  Provides a place to meet others who have lost their spouse, others who understand your loss.

2.  Provides support from feeling isolated and alone

3.  Opportunity to meet new friends

4.  Great way to participate in organized activities without feeling like the 3rd wheel (often those who have lost a spouse feel like the 3rd wheel with their friends that have spouses)

There are many ways to get out into the community and simply not be alone. Most cities have a ‘community center’ that offers a calendar of events. The most difficult is taking the first step out of our comfort zone to meet new people. Here are other suggestions to check into;

– Community Centers
– Senior Centers
– Libraries
– VFW (for Veterans)
– Church’s

A reader of this blog said she knows of widow groups posted on – this is a great suggestion especially for younger people who are tech savvy and willing to get out into the community.

When in doubt, do a “Google” search for Widow Support Groups + City Name if you want to meet in-person. Often you will find a widowed person who has started the group after going through their own journey and are now there to support newly widowed people.

There are organizations online that offer events nationally for widows, one such group is called “Soaring Spirits.”

We also have a Facebook group for widows:

Remember, you don’t have to be alone.  If you can’t find a group in your area, contact me and I will try to help!



99 Responses to Support Groups for Widows

  • Hello was married 35 years . He went to work and never came home. Just in disbelief still . Heavy heartache. Have good kids but they live there life’s too so sad for them.Loneliness is not very cheerful.He passed away
    Sept 2019 just so sad
    I am close to Fort Worth TX

  • My wife at 50y/o after being married for 32yrs suddenly passed away in December 2019. I lost half my life that day and would like to be able to talk with someone. I’m lonely and depressed and just want someone that really understands to talk to. I’m in Kansas City and would like to talk, text or just coffee and talk, I’m no where near ready or want to date right now.

  • @G Kaur it is amazing the gifts that come from loss – your book will inspire others!
    post the link to your book here.

  • Hi,

    I lost my husband in Oct 2019, I have never felt so lonely in my entire life. Even with my parents and siblings around the loneliness never leaves. I have always been one to write in a journal to express my feelings, and this time I turned my feelings into poetry. In my culture feelings aren’t very vocalized, especially those concerning grief and nor is mental health such as depression. I just released my debut poetry book entitled Wife of an Angel – Wounds this Deep, it is available worldwide. I will be donating 50% of the proceeds to charity as giving back was something my husband always did. So please support a new author, a sister widow and a good cause. Also, if you have a charity in mind that deals with grief please message me on instagram @bygkaur or on facebook: Gagan Kaur.

    Thank you so much.

  • @mary Esther lembi I am so sorry for your loss. In time, you will find things to bring joy into your life – you will have to look, but believe me, joy will show up if you look forward and not back. When I say that, I’m not suggesting you forget or don’t remember, what I’m suggesting is to put your attention to the present.= & blessing will appear. JoAnne

  • My husband died Oct 31st,2019. He had 2 heart attacks, He was 81 years old, I am 73 years old. My son live 3 states away, I got invited for Thanksgiving to a dear friends house, And Went to see my Son, for Christmas, had a great time.

    I was married 41 years, Also have no-one- living with me, Very lonely! I cry every day, my Husband and I did everything together, I am selling my house this spring and moving to where my son is,. I am going for private grieving sessions by a therapist, God Bless All of you! I am learning you can be healed.

  • Hi everyone, My name is Denise. I lost my husband to cancer in October 2018. It has been a struggle everyday. I still work and my kids live far away. Someone told me I should join a support group. I don’t know if it will help but, I guess it’s worth a try.Thanks

  • Eileen I am in Punta Gorda exactly going through the same as you. I wish there was a way we could meet. I 68 also just lost my husband.

  • my husband passed away 3 months ago, I am alone-family lives far away. I am looking to make friends that are widowed -not looking to date anyone–I live Ocean Co.NJ-toms river area. is there any groups in this area?

  • @Patricia Harrod I am so sorry for your loss. I encourage you to find a suicide support group in your area to help you cope with your loss. – JoAnne

  • My husband of 12 years committed suicided on August 12, 2019. I cannot get over this as it was a shock to me and his family. My parents are deceased and I only have a sister that lives in Texas and so I stayed with my son and daughter-in-law for about 2 months until I got an apartment. I did not celebrate Thanksgiving and will not be celebrating Christmas. I have his pictures hanging up all over my apartment. We were soul mates and so in love. I just need to find a support group.

  • @Pam I am sorry for your loss – I pray you have support of family & friends. Seek out a local group and join our facebook group:

  • Hi everyone! please include me in your prayers. my husband passed away last month Nov. 01, 2019 due to Cardiac Arrest, after their basketball tournament and he was only 41yrs. old and we’ve been married for 15years. I missed him badly and up to know i have the same pain.

  • These messages are all so touching. I am newly widowed suddenly after 45 years together. With so many plans to still complete. I am reaching out to also find others who can relate. I’ve had to handle many family deaths in the last several years, but this one, he was my rock for all the others and now he’s gone too. He did it all and we didn’t even get to say goodbye.

  • My husband died 4 years ago,I need somebody to talk with,I get soooo lonesome.

  • I lost my husband 4 months ago on 5/16/19 – I am 68 yrs old. Are there any support groups for widows and widowers to get together in the Charlotte county area. I live in Punta Gorda, Florida. I am pretty much by myself and getting very lonely.

  • Thank you for some other informative site. Where else may I am getting that
    type of info written in such an ideal means? I’ve a
    project that I am just now working on, and I’ve been on the
    look out for such information.

  • @Lura Have you tried a grief counselor? Also, you may find friendship in a grief group. Don’t give up, there is always help and support. – JoAnne

  • @Katherine Hargett I’m so sorry for your loss, unfortunately, I can’t help in finding a grief group. In this article I do provide ideas you may want to try to find a group. – JoAnne

  • @Greta I am so sorry for your loss and loneliness. It sounds like you may need to find places you can socialize with other people. A good start is church, community center with senior activities, senior centers, community education programs, park & recreation activities – these are just a few. You will have to put yourself out if you want companionship, but you can do this. There ar many people yet to meet that will add to your life experience. – JoAnne

  • My husband of 51 years died suddenly after having the flu.I don’t want to date I just want to talk to someone. I’m seeing a therapist and the support groups are more social and dating focused. It’s been 3 months and my friends are contacting me less and less. I just need to talk to someone who knows where I’m at.

  • Can you please tell me of a widows support group. I live in Billingham lost my husband last December, I feel so lonely and sad

  • I lost my husband of 41 years of togetherness. He was a type 2 diabetic. It is so hard, sometimes the tears just seem to come out of nowhere. I feel so lonely at times. I have 2 grown kids but I try not burden them so much. I just need a friend which I do not have I tried counseling but I was not comfortable with that, I have so much on my mind right now that it hurt, it sad and it is good. I just want a friend to hang out with and talk to.

  • My husband passed away 1995 at the age of 41, from elective surgery. 1 week later he was readmitted for emergency surgery and the next day when I went to get him out of bed he had a fatal pulmonary embolism. within 30 minutes he was declared dead. My body and mind were completely taken over by shock and my nightmare began. I couldn’t function through everyday life and just wanted to die so I could be with him. I was so completely lost without him as he paid all the bills and took care of everything. My world was destroyed and I felt a concrete wall right in front of my face all the time. I remember going into my room at times and just losing it, screaming at the top of my lungs not even thinking about if anyone could hear me. I did not care. my wise and wonderful daughter tried to get me to eat finally telling me she wouldn’t if I didn’t. I was so overcome with grief and finally realized I needed help, as I couldn’t even function. I found a grief support therapist in my area and decided to make an appointment. I felt like she wasn’t listening and finally asked her if she had walked in my shoes, she said no, so I asked then how do you know how I feel, She replied from studying in school. I did no go back to her and decided to look for a Widow & Widowers support group. All of support groups in my area were aimed towards elderly seniors and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to relate to them. I finally found a young widow & widower’s group through Elizabeth Hospice. Even though my husband did not go through hospice I decide to dive in and try to do something to help myself. I kept telling myself things couldn’t get any worse, so therefore things can only get better, the worst has already happened. I completed 10 weeks of grief support, which was the best thing I could have done for myself. We would bring pictures of our loved ones and pass them around sharing wonderful memories. I have become a stronger
    person and take pride in knowing that getting help for myself was the best decision I could have ever made. I think how lucky I was to have been in a wonderful relationship with a man that truly loved me and I was so happy. Some people never get to experience true love and happiness. I was one of the lucky ones. My heart is full of wonderful memories which will never leave me. I would like you all to know that what you feel is part of your journey, unfortunately it is a journey we all must do to finally get to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel that things happen for a reason, we might not figure the reason out for a while. My husband had an auto repair shop, he is now “Heaven’s Master Mechanic”
    One of the hardest things is to realize when we need help and actually go find it. Please know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and happiness is waiting for you, again.

  • My late husband of 73 passed away nearly 17 months ago with Mastastic prostate cancer and diabetes. This to me is a nasty med condition that we both went through with the Austin Hospital for 7 weeks and afterwards to a nursing home for 38 days. Friends or associates who have their spouses I do agree with it that I feel like the 6 wheel with others having their spouses. He had cancer for 17 years so he didn’t pass away suddenly and I am glad to have that much time with him. Friends who suppose to be friends only give 10 months of support so how would they cope with something like this I don’t know.

  • I recently lost my husband on October 24 2018 he was only 34 he died of cardiac arrest in front on me and our children and I’m really have a hard time getting through it and it’s only getting worse I’m only 36 and he was everything the provider, took care of all the bills while I went to school and I’m unemployed trying to find something to support our children it’s hard because I never imagined that I would because a single mom now I’m about to lose my house I got until April for the hearing and I’m just lost

  • Hi looking for a friend for a support groups she can go to do you have a phone # she may call? She lost her husband and her daughter. Thank you.

  • I’m 27 and lost my husband on February of 2018. I need a support group for my age range

  • @Henry

    I am so sorry for your loss. Often you can find support groups through church’s, hospice, hospitals or funeral homes. You will find those groups supportive. – JoAnne

  • I just loss my wife of 37 years. Need to talk

  • @Sue vachon I’m sure you can find a grief support group in your area. Please check with the local hospice, your church’s and funeral homes. They would know if there is something set-up in your area. – JoAnne

  • @Laurie Lagimoniere grief is a journey and sounds like you could use some support. Here is a resource I encourage you to reach out to:

  • @Bonita Uthus I am so sorry this post got overlooked, here is what I found in Annapolis

    I would also check your local church’s and hospice centers.

    Seeking research participants:
    I am a graduate student in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integra Studies. I am writing my doctoral dissertation and am interested in interviewing women widowed in the past 2-5 years to better understand the experience of widowhood. Seeking women widowed for more than 2 years, less than 5 years; over the age of 65 to participate in interviews for research project. Must be English speaking and willing and able to provide consent. Legally married, heterosexual women, widowed by death of male spouse. Confidentiality assured. Personal interview in library, or senior center, or other public building. Approximately 1-1 ½ hours. Audio taping will be required but kept in confidence. This study is being conducted by a graduate student in Clinical Psychology in partial fulfillment of the degree of Doctor of Psychology. Please message Theresa 415-827-0032/

  • Hi I really don’t know where to start I am I am a widow going to make seven years now and I just had a relationship with this guy for two years and I am devastated and I’d like to meet people so I can get out of the Of the house so I don’t have to depend on my daughter and my sisters all the time I really if you would get back to me thank you have a great day today would be a place in my area in Lewiston Maine where I could go thank you

  • I Live in Ottawa Canada, my hubby passed away in my arms at home on Oct 7, will be a year next month and I am no closer to-feeling like I’ve accepted it,, then as I was 6 months ago! But my biggest problem is I started drinking to forget, which isn’t the answer I know! ..but there isn’t a waking hour that he is not on my mind
    we had a wonder life together for 47 years , now all |I have is emptiness and silence, some days i just go back to bed so I don’t have to deal with my pain anymore… now with the first year coming up next month I know I have to get myself back on track, i wanna stop drinking to forget, and get to that spot where a drink was to celebrate not to make you feel miserableness

  • Looking for a place to meet other widows in Annapolis, Maryland

  • @Kathy
    There are many ways to search for groups in your area. I suggest you contact: funeral homes, church’s, hospice locations – they would all know about local grief support groups they could point you to. – JoAnne

  • I need a group for widows. Was attending Grief/Share but it was mostly women who had lost there children and it all broke my heart.

  • @Babs I am so sorry for your loss. No one is deserving of guilt, please forgive yourself and allow your heart to heal through your grief. – JoAnne

  • I lost my husband on Feb. 2, 2018, just a little over two months ago. I am in shock. We did not have children, but we rescued stray animals and many moved in with us.

    The guilt is tremendous and I am deserving of this guilt because of my job history and bad decisions.

  • I was widowed a little more then 7 years ago…my husband and I were in our 50’s he suffered long and hard. I was his only caregiver…I retired young to be able to do this…no regrets here……my first year was recovery time for me….the second year I felt was the hardest….then I got on with life and started to do different things…now at 7 years I feel like I have done everything I want to do “ALONE” … sick of it…..and feel like I am back to my second year again..this time harder…I don’t feel comfortable going to a grief group and telling new widows that in 7 years they might still feel like this….but have no clue as to what to do, am starting to give up and just not care beyond sitting on the corner of my couch….

  • @Leelalaine,
    I totally understand and have met many women that were in your shoes. Just because you didn’t have the marriage certificate doesn’t mean you wouldn’t mourn the loss of the physical presence and the loss of a future you never had. Your feeling are real and I honor them. There are grief support groups around, just takes some digging on you part. I think being around those who share your pain can be healing. – JoAnne

  • Im not sure if i am considered a widow but my fiancé pass 6 weeks before our planned registry of marriage… today marks our 1st year since we were engaged… on the 21st will be his 8th month passing….
    i have no one to turn to for my grief…
    i am based overseas, im alone and felt more alone….
    I have friends and relatives but their world wont stop for me… i have to deal this alone… i feel like im a living dead… wake up, eat, work… a lifeless life after my fiance departed…

  • @LLianna and @Laurine I suggest two things to find a support group in your area, first do a “Google” search for Widow Support Groups + City Name for example you might enter into Google: Widow Support Groups + Chicago
    the other suggestion is this; contact your local funeral homes, hospice, or church’s as they will know what is available in the community. – JoAnne

  • Hello Joanne,

    You said to click on a link to find groups in my area. There was no link to click on. DO you know of support groups in the Chicago area. Thanks for everything you do.

  • married 48 years lost husband Jan 14,2017. Interested in finding a group Oxford, MI. Thank you

  • Sue, thanks for the great suggestion. Meetups are certainly the more ‘trendy’ way to find groups of like-minded. I appreciate your sharing this info. – JoAnne

  • I wanted to say that the website may offer groups for widows and widowers depending on your location. My healthy husband died suddenly six months ago. I started a meetup group for widows in Detroit. There are other meetup groups for widows and widowers in Detroit and other locations.

  • @GeraldCook I am sorry for your loss, but what a gift to share your life together for 49 years. I think a wonderful way for you to honor her memory is to get out and meet new people, sounds like that would bring a smile to her face. So I would see if you have a local community center in your city, they often will have a seniors group that meets regularly to play cards, talk or any number of activities. If you are a Veteran, check out the VFW, they have gatherings all the time as well. When in doubt, do a ‘Google’ search for widow groups + your city name. oh, and if you have a hobby or interest, chances are good there is a group that gathers around that interest.
    Gerald, it just takes you making the first step and ask your beloved to help you meet new people, she will hear your prayer. – Blessings, JoAnne

  • I am a lonely man today……first day of the new year (2018)…..Two months ago my wife of 49 years was lost to lung/brain cancer. The last two months were not enough time to say ENOUGH “I love you honey”s as I fulfilled my hospice responsibilities. The time sped by so quickly as she grew weaker and weaker. Fortunately her pain was minimal and but for nausea and no appetite she never complained. All along I came to realize it was only the passing of days before my bed would be so empty…..and then it was reality. Though she had many church friends and family to encourage and stand by her, her body just wore down. The devastation seems like new reality each morning… especially around 6:08am…I try my best to sleep past that moment.
    Yes I am lonely for her…..even though I have always been an introvert and found no wish to be around crowds of people, she was all I needed or wanted. I regret not being more sociable for her sake because she enjoyed mingling and sharing among friends. I suppose she was all I needed.
    Now, as I express this reality, I can see such revelation may not benefit me much at all. I do feel a need to find a friend (or friends) that I could form a relationship with and/or share company with.

  • @Donna Lavin – I am so sorry for your loss.
    If you are looking for a support group in your area, I suggest contacting your local Hospice, Funeral Homes, Church’s – they are well informed on any grief support groups. – How would you feel about an online support group exclusive for widows? If you would be interested email me: joanne@heartachetohealing.como


  • I would like to join a group. I read everyone’s post. This is why I seeked out this group. I feel exactly the same as all of you. My husband passed on August 19, 2017. I am numb, lost and cannot function. He had lung cancer then traveled to his liver stage 4. He fought hard. He did not want to leave me. We were given too much hope. The chemo stopped working. We had 41 years together and I wanted more. The most wonderful guy. Everyone loved him. I ask over and over why the good ones and the rotten ones live. Please connect me with a group in Chicago, IL suburbs.

  • My husband died on April 14, 2017 from complications of lung cancer operation and everything that goes wrong when you have diabetes and heart trouble for many years. We were married 49 years. I am very distraught. I miss him and can’t burden my children or friends constantly with my sorrow. So Monday I start some therapy hoping it will help. What I hate the most is advice from people who have not experienced the lose of anyone or of someone that I practically grew up with. I cry at the drop of a hat of course in private. I guess time will help but time is moving too slowly.

  • If you are looking for a support group in your area, contact your local Hospice, Funeral Homes, Church’s – they are well informed on any grief support groups. – JoAnne

  • Looking for a group in lawrenceville ga

  • Is there a website for the widows of Vietnam Veterans?

  • Are there any widow support groups in queens county or nassau county, new york?

  • Are there any of these support groups near Nashville, TN area?

  • Christian widow

  • Is there a support group anywhere near north Georgia, north of Jasper?

  • How do you give a supportive message to a commenter?

  • My husband and I were together for 11years when on June 4th 2013 he had a brain aneurysm. He stayed in ICU for 15 days with a drainage tube to relieve the pressure and blood from his brain.
    He finally was released on June 18th, we were told it was caused of high blood pressure, because they did every MRI, CT Scans everything you could imagine they did, we were told to follow up with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.
    So on our journey we started.
    We went they did every test again except this time the MRI was performed with dye, we waited for a week for the results.
    I will never forget that day as long as I live, I was taking a bubble bath relaxing trying to forget this nightmare we were trapped in.
    I heard my husband’s phone ring , I heard him talking but I was not paying attention his colleagues called every day to check on us, but it was the doctor’s office, she was explaining to him that he had 4 brain tumors, she made and with Dr. Fredrickson at Mayo Neurological Dept.
    As we are sitting and he is explaining to us that this man who was my everything our children’s everything, that he had terminal brain cancer, I remember agreeing to.more tests more scans and then on August 8th, 2013 he had brain surgery ( those were the longest 8 hours of my life).
    I remember the Dr. calling me into a room and telling me the pathology results confirmed he had Glioblastoma Multi Form Grade 4, and that maybe with Chemotherapy and Radiation and some experimental drugs he had 8 months at the most.
    I remember running out of the room to throw up because now I was going to have to be the strong one, the one making decisions, paying the bills, driving 3 hours each day one way.for chemo and Radiation and then back home. I do not regret one second I.spent doing this because it was our time to spend together to talk.about how we both knew the first time we meet we were in love.
    He fought so hard for those 8 months never complained always said it was just the cards he was dealt with.
    I, on the other hand was angry at everything and everyone. I was losing my liver, husband, best friend, our children were losing their father who.was the greatest Daddy.
    I hate to admit this but I was mad someone else did not get it. Why him, why us we were finally in a position to travel together for his job to various places. But that was not our destiny, in April 10th, 2014 we were both exhausted so I went to lay down on our bed while he wanted to lay on the couch and watch Foxnews,
    I woke up and he was laying in the floor on his stomach and I teased him for not answering our front door because our best friend was coming from Saipan to visit. I answered the door and when I walked around to kiss him to wake him up I.seen his face was blue, I froke, freaked out screamed at our friend to start CPR while I.called 911. I lost him that day and I also lost myself. It has been 2 years and 7 months and 5 days and I am still in this tornado that came along picked our world up spit it out and said put the puzzle back together but you can’t because there will always be pieces missing…..

  • I lost my husband on Sept. 5, 2015 to colon cancer, his death was a total shock as we had been told by the doctors that the chemo and radiation would help so he could have surgery to remove the cancer. We had been married for 15 years and we both were/are in our 70’s. I don’t drive so I am sort of stuck in the house all of the time. It has been over a year since his passing and I am having a terrible time getting through this especially since I really don’t have anyone to talk to, our children are scattered all over the country and they are really good about calling me every week, but I have reached the point that I don’t want to “burden” them with my feelings of loneliness and aloneness, I know that I am not the only that is going through this but somehow I feel like I should at least be getting better and not feeling sorry for my self all the time! I just don’t know what o do any more!

  • I’m looking for a support group in person, not online. Any help would be appreciated

  • Carie – sending prayers of strength your way during this very hard time. – JoAnne

  • BeeBee, Try this group: Grief Recovery Center, 4939 Jamestown Ave #101, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

    One day you will feel blessed by the wonderful memories, now you need to take the grief journey. – joAnne

  • I lost my husband in October 2016, we had been married for over 30 years and recently it would have been our 31st anniversary and his birthday on the same day. Since he’s been gone I feel so lonely, always thinking of the things we did together, the vacations we took together, etc. We loved to go to festivals, to the movies and out to eat. What am I to do now. I am looking for a widow support group near Baton Rouge, La. please help me find one

  • On April 14, 2016, I lost my husband of 6 years. He was 40 and I am 39. He died in his sleep and I am still waiting for the autopsy results. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since he passed and I miss him so much and wonder everyday why I am the one who gets to wake up everyday and not him. I am so lost without him.

  • I was married at 18 w/3 children . I was 49 and he was 54 when he passed. He was a Vietnam Veteran . On his death certificate cause of death was Agent Orange. I do get a pension. Married 31 yrs. I have never gotten over it. I could of joined clubs etc. I have never dated. The thing is I can’t stop missing him even after 15yrs. It seems the older I get the more I long for him. I hear old songs on the radio I just cry. I just turned 65 still work. Close to his family.I daydream and continually reminiesce of when we first met etc. 15 yrs daydreaming and not getting anywhere. What can I do ? Other people find someone else , or get married. We went to washington , his name will forever be in a stone in the ground . Does anyone else feel empty . I feel lost..

  • I lost my husband and best friend on May 12, 2015. Sometimes the loneliness is suffocating. The first few months weren’t too bad because I moved and was getting settled in a new place. Now I’m settled, and the pain of him not being here to talk to, to hold me, to love me is so very hard. We were together for nearly 30 years, and I feel like I have lost everything. I do have a wonderful son, but he is 2000 miles away so not too much help. How does one deal with this intense loneliness?

  • I have been a widow since October 2009. We had been blessed with a son (after four miscarriages) so we were blissfully happy until a doctors visit gave the dreaded diagnosis of Stage Four Lung cancer. My husband suffered with chemo exactly a year before he ‘gave up the ghost’. Our son was 13 years old. Its been 6 years now and I was approached by a church member about a Widows Ministry at church. We have quite a few so I’m gathering information about starting a Widows Ministry. I’ve come across several sites to get ideas from. Saw your post and decided to submit my email to you. Any and all info will be welcomed.

  • It’s been almost five months now since I lost Don. For a long time, it was nearly unbearable to even think of going on without him, and, yes thoughts of suicide did frequently enter my head. Now, though, the pain is beginning to lessen a bit, the waves of overwhelming grief are getting smaller and not as frequent. I’ve had several doctors tell me he went so quickly, he probably didn’t even know what was happening. I have come to be more accepting of his loss, but will miss him every day for the rest of my life. The weekends are the worst and whenever I pass a restaurant or a store we used to frequent, I get hit all over again with the reality that he is gone. Your pain will ease after a while and you’ll be able to remember your husband with warm memories of the life you shared.

  • I don’t know if you will read this. My husband was the same age as yours, but had failing kidneys. He was hospitalized, and had dialysis, but died of cardiac arrest following dialysis. This happened 2 months ago, and there are days I don’t want to live any more, either. I know what you are going through.

  • I lost my husband may 27, 2015. The day after our 3rd wedding anniversary. Richard was 35, seemed to be healthy and fine. We had coffee together the morning of our anniversary, and he went to a couple inspections after. We were supposed to go to dinner that night to celebrate, but instead he came home in pain. We spent the evening in the er, before they released us about 12:30am. Said it was heat stroke and to keep him hydrated. He tossed and turned all night, and I got up to check on him several times. The next morning I woke up and told the kids to school, but when I got home he was moaning again. When I went to check on him, he was turning purple in the face. I rushed him to the hospital, where it escalated very quickly. First,his kidneys started failing, then they needed to induce him into a coma, then they life flighted him. At 4:46 I had to make the call to stop resuscitation. None of it really seemed real….well it did but it hadn’t set in. I brought him back home to be buried, and moved the kids and I back as well. I couldn’t keep my job, which I’d only had almost 3 months. My whole life has been turned completely upside down. I feel lost and alone. I waited almost 3 months for autopsy results, only to find out nothing! I believe the hospital was negligent, and whether they actually were or not, the were very unprofessional! I wheeled my husband out of the back of the er, to my car, and hoisted him into my car. Thats after they left him collapsed in the parking lot for rwn minutes when we got there, but apparently I don’t have a malpractice case, because there’s no known cause of death to determine what the hospital did wrong. I just want to know something. I want to at least be able to tell my baby what happened to his daddy. I just need to know something! I just don’t know how I’ll ever begin to heal till I do.

  • I lost my husband of 46 years in July of 2008 and it still feels like yesterday. We knew we probably would not see our 50th anniversary, but I don’t think we can really be ready to lose our loved ones. I know he is no longer in pain but I ask myself everyday why did he have to leave us. We have 3 children and 5 grandchildren who really miss him and we need him. God decided he needed him more and I really try to accept this but the heartache is so hard. Like you I miss Dave and his touch and his love everything about him and have no interest whatsoever in meeting someone else so I thank God for the love and years we had together and for our family. Yes I do understand your pain and oh how I wish I did not, but hang in there and I am told we’ll get through this. I’ll pray for you also.

  • Good for you Kim I have been single for 11 years now. I have dated but at the end of the day it’s not loving me for who I am it’s for what I have….still lonely and praying for a God sent mate.

  • You can not question your actions or live a life of , “what ifs.” We are all human and even in the best of marriages there will be arguments and disagreements. Your grief is new, and you are in pain. There is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, and though it is difficult to believe, you will feel the warmth on your face again. Life will not be the same, but it will be good. Listen to your heart, and know that one day you will see your husband again. For me, my healing started when I asked God for help. Join a support group, meet new friends. Know you are not alone, and that life will indeed go on, and go on well.

  • I lost my husband April 22, 2014 from a massive MI. Michael was 50 years old and healthy. Mike and I have three children and were incredibly happy. The last 15 months have been hard at times, however, I have found that I have a strength that I didn’t know that I possessed. My children and I have weathered the storm and are living lives that I know are making Michael proud. Sense Michaels death, our two daughters have married, and our first grandchildren, (twins,) are due on Christmas day. I have met an amazing man, who understands my bruised heart, and we recently became engaged and will marry July 22, 2016. To some, it may seem that I have gone on with my life to quickly, or that I have not grieved fully. To those I say, you do not know my heart, or the moments that I have felt that I can not put one foot in front of the other. I can not and will not live a life in the shadows or walk a life that is void of light or beauty. Michael is not, nor will he ever be forgotten or replaced. Mike lives inside of me and occupies a place that is his and his alone. At times, I catch myself whispering his name, and getting lost in his scent or the memory of his touch. I have been asked, was Michael not the love of your life, and as much as I loved the man to whom I shared so very much, there is but one truthful answer to this question, ” I can not say, for I have not lived all of my life.” God bless us all.

  • Hi Laura
    I would like to extend my sympathies to the loss of your husband. Losing someone close to your heart is very painful.Grieving is a process that everyone who has lost someone goes through. I lost my husband of 26 years in marriage, tragically 16 years ago.It was very hurting because he was killed in a car hijack,in front of our house in the presence of neighbors and people attending the wedding.It happened like a lightning, as I we were just arriving at home.It was so traumatizing that I ended up suffering from post traumatic depression. But through counselling and psychiatric therapy, I got healed.To heal, you have to accept, and focus on your life.Even though is painful and hurting, be brave to talk about your loss and focus on making your life worthwhile.Try to to do activities that will occupy you, join the walkers, joggers, book club or charity organisations,or enroll to a course that will keep you busy.If you have young children, try to focus on their school activities, by volunteering.

  • Lost my husband May 21,2015.I am so sad & alone too
    Is there a support group in New Ulm,MN

  • I just lost my husband of nearly 20 years this past Sunday. He had recently had medical tests that showed his heart condition was stable (he had had a heart attack back in 1987), his blood pressure was good, and his blood tests were all normal. Last Sunday, he was sitting reading when all of a sudden he just stopped breathing. He had just turned 83, but told me he really felt that he had a good many more years ahead of him. That was why the shock was so intense when it happened. I had been somewhat prepared for that day, but everything looked like it was going along well. Now, I’m trying to get through one day at a time, but some days are worst than others. Yesterday would have been our 20th wedding anniversary and I found myself talking to him like he was still here. Just when I think that I might have found a little peace, it hits again like a fist in the stomach. I just need to talk to other women who have been through this and will understand what I’m going through.

  • I lost my Husband December 11, 2013 I am so sad, lost lonely. I have a 12 year old son, this is really hard I am trying to be strong for him, but I am so sad what can I do to ease the pain still it hurts, and now fathers day is coming up and I don’t know how to spend this joyous day with out my husband and his father gone.I have gone to church but it seems like it lasts for a few days and I am sad again, if I cry my son gets upset, my husband was the love of my life, a great husband father friend he was my everything and now I feel like I have nothing. I have to worry how I am going to be able to stay in my house, bills etc. It really hurts.

  • I lost my husband March 29, 2015, I’m experiencing all kinds of different feelings and questions. We got into an argument that night said things I didn’t get a chance to apologize for or talk out, I keep thinking if I had only not went back to sleep that morning I could have done something.

  • i lost my husband a week ago feb 23,2015, and i just don’t know what to do,sometimes i just don’t feel like i can go on anymore, i don’t know what to do

  • I am a widow for about 15 months. I think and feel the reality setting in that I am alone now. Now day passes by that I do not think of my husband. He was a lover and friend and a great companion for me. I was going to school and I lost my passion to pursue my PhD and just want to abandon everything and just sit around. It hurts so much, in such agony.

  • I lost my husband almost 18 years ago. I would like to start up a charity organisation in Zimbabwe to support widows. My journey as a widow has been very challenging and wish to make a difference in other widows lives. If there is any one out there to help my dream to come true with regards to starting up this charity organisation. Does anyone know donors and partners to start up this project.

  • I recently lost my husband after 38 years of marriage. I would like to find a support group in my local area. I live in a northwest suburb of Minneapolis. I feel so alone and afraid about all the decisions that I will now have to make. Thank you.

  • Please reply to my resent comment regards local group thsnks

  • Need support how to start over after 38 years

  • JoAnne, I need your help, my cousin Chris just lost his wife very unexpectedly. She was in the hospital and had just found out she was coming home the next morning, he was setting there with her and turned around and she fell over and died. He is devestated, he lives in Stonemountain ga and I live in Knoxville Tn, he has a couple that lives two houses up that have had him there for supper every night since she died, and of couse I talk with him everynight, but he is so loney, he is confused and lost, he feels as if he has been cut in half and been left to die himself. Of course he now only has the one income so I am looking for him some type of support group to meet with so he can share what he is feeling with someone who understands. I am looking for something within 10 miles of stonemountain GA if possible. Will you help me find something for him. please email me and let me know. Thanks

  • Hello. I lost my husband 4years ago I still work but would I feel im now ready to join a group with people that are in the same situation as my self so please could you advise a group in worcester or malvern many thanks dot

  • Cynthia,
    I am so sorry for your sudden loss, I understand because I share your experience. Yes you feel like everyone has moved on except you as you whirl in disbelief. This journey of grief you are on is not easy but the pain is lessened with loving support of others. I encourage you to seek out a grief support or widow support group in your area. Being with people who share your experience can be powerfully healing. If you can’t find anything online in a search, then contact hospice, your church, a funeral home or hospital for resources. Let me know if I can provide any other resources. JoAnne

  • I lost my husband unexpectedly after a routine surgical procedure that is usually done on an outpatient basis, but he was kept in the hospital overnight just for observation. He died from a blood clot to his lung on November 5, 2013. I was planning to bring him home and take care of him, not bury him. He was my husband, partner, lover, and best friend for 34 years and the only person who truly loved me and cared about me. I miss him so much! I have days when I understand that God brought his Angel home, but there are others when I just want to wake up from this horrible nightmare…except it is real. People say they will call and look out for you…no one really understands the pain nor do they want to keep hearing about how you feel. My body aches for him…He had beautiful hands that touched me everyday and now there is no one to touch me. I miss making love with him, but I don’t want anyone else to touch me. Sometimes, like today, I want to curl up and hide under the covers and hope I will see him walk through the door when I come out. I keep thinking I am okay, but it is like taking two steps forward and ten steps backward. If the physical and emotional pain would just stop…I just need someone to really understand how this feels. Thanks.

  • I am a humanitarian and Founder of HOPE FOR TODAY’S WIDOWS INTERNATIONAL. I read through your website and deeply appreciate what you are doing for the widows and the briefed. Please I will like you to partner with my organization that is registered and located in Nigeria for the alleviation of the sufferings of many widows. Our website will help to convince you of our sincerity and achievements so far. thanks

  • I am no longer employed and would like to become an inspirational speaker to widows. I lost my husband on April 12, 2003. He was 51.5 y.o. at the time and I was 52.5 y.o. He died very quickly and unexpectedly of a heart attack. I have written poems about my grief over the years as my way of “dealing with his loss” and have had them published. I have always wanted to gather stories from widows who have “lost” their husbands very suddenly and about how they have dealt with the grief and have moved on. I think it would be great to collaberate with someone like you and gather stories for a book who have gone on and rebuilt their lives with hope, such as for “Chicken Soup for Widows.” Whar do you think? Are you interested?

  • I tried to subscribe but it won’t go through. I am just trying to find some support out there. My daughters, Kristi 7 and Jennifer 5 passed 27 years ago and then 3 years ago after meeting a man that made me want to live again, I agreed after five years together to marry him. We married in March and in Dec he was diagnosised with pancreatic cancer. He lost his battle 13 months later on a 6 month prognosis. I haven’t found any true support groups out there for Widows and Widowers. There are some that get together for the purpose of dating and that isn’t the deal. This may not get to anyone, but at least I tried. I guess when i get strong enough, this will be my other mission. My fist is fighting Pancreatic Cancer. Thank you for listening.

  • My husband of 29 yrs. passed away 4 months ago and I feel so alone . I miss so much and I have days when I cry so much and don’t stop for a while . I hold his picture to my chest sitting on our bed and I sleep on his side now with one of his shirts that I have kept . He was much older than me but , we were also best friends and loved each other so much . I would really love to hear from any of you . This time of the holidays and all I just wish they would just come and go quickly . I am staying home for the holidays where I can just cry without being with people. I would not want to spoil their holidays . I just need someone to talk to .

  • i just need some support right now

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