death of a loved one

The Joy of Remembering Our Loved Ones

My experience has been that the joy of remembering helps the pain of losing, or perhaps it eases the pain of our losses.  When our loved ones die there are so many emotions of grief and sadness and yet one day our feelings start to shift, sometimes just a little to remember the things about that person that brought us joy and made us smile and laugh.

For me as the months and years passed since losing my husband, I find more joy in remembering and sharing stories of him and our life.  The sorrow has softened and… Continue reading

Moving Forward In Grief Through Music

By Arlen Roth

Anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one knows how it feels when we are stopped in our tracks, almost paralyzed from moving forward as we battle through our grief.  It is often described by people as life standing still.  This was no different for Arlen Roth and his surviving daughter Lexie following the tragic auto accident that took the life of his wife and daughter.  Here’s how his loss and music transformed him to live life again. – JoAnne

By Arlen Roth

  “The devastation that a tragedy such as I… Continue reading

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