How has a death put your life in perspective?

I put a message out on Twitter the other day and asked “How has death put your life in perspective?”
Because I believe death does change how you look at life and depending on the relationship you had with
a loved one who has died your perspective may be different than others.  I really thought these comments
were worth sharing with everyone, so thank you to all who commented.
Please feel free to add your comments to this post if you feel so inspired.
Melissa Miller
Melissa Miller
Life on earth is short and not forever, but eternity is………………sometimes it take… Continue reading

Memorial Day – A Day to Remember

wave-flag Memorial Day is that day we set aside to honor those who have served in our military and died.  Regardless of our political opinions on war and the military, today let us all honor those who had the courage to serve this country with honor.  I thank you.

Dad honoring my Mom

Dad honoring my Mom

On this memorial weekend many people honor and pay respects to loved ones who have died.  I accompanied my Dad to visit the graves of my Mom, my grand parents, aunts and uncles.  We reminisced   about fond memories, shared a laugh or… Continue reading

The Anguish of Sudden Death

The anguish of someone you love dying suddenly is one of those things you just can’t imagine will ever happen to you.  I couldn’t have imagined it either until it happened to me.  The moment still remains so surreal.  My husband and I owned a business together and were working in our building like we did everyday.   This particular day he was on a ladder installing some electrical conduit onto a wall when he fell from the ladder onto the concrete floor.  In that instant my life was forever changed.  I ran to… Continue reading

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