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Has Death Been Your Teacher?

Death has truly taught me much about life.  Before losing my Mom and then my husband in the same year, I went on about my life not thinking much about the end of it. Oh, my Mom was ill but even then I didn’t think too much about her not being around.  Then my husband died tragically and even he would infer from time to time that he wasn’t going to die anytime soon and we would have a long life together…we had eleven years.

Recently I read a book called “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. … Continue reading

Lessons From Loss are Lessons in Living Life

There are many lessons I have learned through loss, and I am coming to understand now that I probably knew these lessons all along, in other words they were within me, my core, who I am. However it took the tragedy of loss for me to remember those lessons and have the courage to take action and affirm how precious life is. I am not here to dwell on loss but rather support you in life.

Healing a broken heart can be done with time, courage and the desire to heal. Going through the grieving process and healing comes from… Continue reading

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