The Joy of Remembering Our Loved Ones

My experience has been that the joy of remembering helps the pain of losing, or perhaps it eases the pain of our losses.  When our loved ones die there are so many emotions of grief and sadness and yet one day our feelings start to shift, sometimes just a little to remember the things about that person that brought us joy and made us smile and laugh.

For me as the months and years passed since losing my husband, I find more joy in remembering and sharing stories of him and our life.  The sorrow has softened and I don’t cry every time I look at the scrap books and other memorabilia.  Yes I laugh more than I cry!

I encourage you to speak about your departed loved ones, share the stories, remember how much this person mattered and how much they influenced your life.  Here are some tips about remembering;

  • Think of others who are affected by your loved ones death, connect with them again perhaps over a cup of coffee and share stories, it will help you both to heal
  • Create a scrapbook of pictures, letters and other memorabilia that you can pull out anytime to remember and share
  • Throw a dinner party in honor of your beloved who has died, serve their favorite foods and drink and share stories
  • Plant a tree or flowers in your garden, perhaps include a memorial stone and each time you go to your beautiful garden you will remember your loved one – plants symbolize growth and renewal

Do you have some tips on was to honor and remember your loved one?  Please share in the comments below as everyone will benefit from sharing!

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Memorial Stone



2 Responses to The Joy of Remembering Our Loved Ones

  • I lost my ex-husband May of 2018
    We had been divorced 18 years
    And a year-and-a-half half before he passed we had reconnected started a relationship planning to remarry and we’re in the process of buying a home . We were in such a good place .
    We had stayed good friends through all this time with a daughter together and he had help raise my boys and been in my life and my children’s life for all these years he had remarried and I had been friends with his wife.
    I just feel like God put me back in his life for closure. And I’m so grateful that our daughters got to see us as a couple as an adult . He was in a good place in life he’s always been a hard worker and enjoyed life but he had really started to live again after his separation . This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life . He was I will always be my soulmate

  • My ex died this afternoon
    I left him 28 years ago
    He tortured my kids and left me broke with no home
    Why am I sad? Can’t stop crying
    I guess it’s a chapter closed
    I’m sad for my kids
    No grandpa
    To their kids
    And I am alone and in shock
    Things can only get better
    Good times must be ahead!!!

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