Things I Never Got To Ask My Mom

Mom & I in 1993- one of my favorite photos

Mom & I in 1993- one of my favorite photos!

My Mom died in 2005 and every Mother’s Day since, I still honor her memory by speaking about her to family through retelling stories.  And I will admit I talk with her often as I believe she hears me and guides me.   Recently I read a post on Facebook that said if you could spend one day with someone from the past who would it be?  For me, if would be spending one more day with my Mom.

My Mom’s memory left her gradually and she was not the same for many years prior to her death.  So if I could spend one day with her now I would want to know…

…How did you get through the hard times in your life?  Things like your parents deaths, your sister dying of breast cancer when she was so young, when Dad got into the work accident when we were small kids. 

…You were so talented at many things, piano, art, writing, did you ever desire to have a career doing any of those things?

…You were so passionate about learning up until the last years of your life. What moved you to become a life long learner? What was it about learning the Greek language that moved you?  Did you ever have a desire to travel to Greece and speak with the locals?

…Did you have regrets? Did you have an unfulfilled life?

…Did you feel loved?

…What advice would you give me now about life, love and the future?

Mom was so amazing and my younger self didn’t appreciate her talents and wisdom. She had grace and beauty and I knew she also had demons that made her sad.  When I am grounded and connected to my spiritual self I know life turned out exactly as it was supposed to be and I pray that Mom hears my prayers for guidance and wisdom for my next best steps in life.  I was blessed to call her Mom.

What would you like to ask your Mom?


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