Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

memoralizing out love onesThere are as many ways to memorialize our loved ones after they die.  There are religious practices, family traditions and individual preferences.  There is never a right and wrong and we either honor the wishes, sometimes they are set-up prior to a loved ones death or we make a decision based on what we think is best.

I encourage people to follow their heart and that comes from that deep place of knowing what is meaningful to that loved one who has died as well as what is meaningful for the living.  Ceremony is most often for the living, it is a final chance for us to pay homage or honor to someones life.  Ceremony is important and meaningful.

This weekend I participated in the burial of ashes of my good friend in the ocean with her sister and a friend.  She requested this prior to her death and her sister made sure her wishes were followed honored.  It was emotional and yet meaningful, it was a way to send her spirit off and offer us some sort of closure to her physical presence.  We shared fond memories and stories, we laughed – we cried.  We will not forget her, rather we will continue to honor her memory!

memorial to loved ne following deathIt is important to honor our loved ones in whatever way is meaningful to you and your family.  Talk of your loved ones often, share stories and don’t be afraid to laugh and cry together but remember our loved ones filled an important part of our lives – right?

If we are remembering a parent, spouse or child they were a significant part of our lives and thus we should continue to talk about them.  Often people tell me that that no one talks about their loved one after they die because they think you will feel bad…think about it, that is crazy because I couldn’t feel any worse!   So please, you have permission to talk, share and remember those who were significant in out lives.  My friend Nan who died I had known for over 30 years, that is significant when it comes to friends.  She was one of a kind and I have dozens and dozens to stories to share.  I hope you do too.

I would love to hear about your stories, how have you honored and remembered your loved ones who have died?  Please share in the comments below.


4 Responses to Ways to Memorialize a Loved One

  • Hi Yvonne –
    I am so sorry for your loss. My suggestion is to think of the things that your partner loved and incorporate those ‘loves’ into a tribute. If your partner loved the outdoors, plant a tree somewhere memorable, add so fun ornaments, pictures or anything that would be representative. If you partner loved reading, make a donation to a library or read books to kids at a library in memory of. There are so many ways if you focus on what your partner loved and build off that. When my mom died my Dad got an apple tree as a gift and he loved it because she so loved nature and every time the tree produced fruit the deer would eat them and Dad would say “Mom would have loved that” – Best wishes, JoAnne

  • I lost my partner of 25 years January 10, 2017. The first anniversary of her death is approaching. I am so sad and want to try to memeorialize and honor her on the day with her family. Honor is the key word here and to let her sprirt go free. There has been so much anger around her death that I am not sure it can get any darker. I am looking for suggestions to help lighten up the tribute. I know she would want us to live and not go inward.

  • I sang How Great Thou Art as I scattered my husband’s ashes in a beautiful part of Scotland. It was in Argyll in a place called Dalmally, and it was while I was on a Highland Heritage Coach Tour. The Hotel wasn’t open to the public but only as part of the tour. Gordon and I always wanted to go there and just before he died I decided to go on his behalf. The second time I went was to scatter Gordon over a pretty bridge into a stream…it was personal and beautiful. I still have a pretty little box with ashes and it sits on my piano. I release a helium balloon on his anniversary of his death. It’s so releasing. I love him so much and still feel married to him, still wear the wedding ring. One day I know I will heal.

  • I honor the memory of my husband by living a full and complete life. Michael would want me to continue to be the free spirit to whom he fell in love with. It is my goal to see the world for both of us. I will also tell his story and keep is legacy alive. I will remember.

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