Write About Your Feelings

As you attempt to deal with your sadness, anger, and fear you may find it helpful to write about those feelings. Writing about your feelings helps to unload some of that pressure because it gives you a way to express your emotions.  Grief is a journey and grieving is a process, writing is a tool that can help you on your journey to heal.

Some find it helpful to write letters to those they’ve lost, others write their feelings in a journal which is what I do and still others may write in blogs or grief forums such as this.  Choose a tool that works for you, trust your intuition and write whatever your heart is feeling. You will change, your writing will change and you will write for yourself or be inspired to write for others as I do here.

If you feel inspired to share, please write your comments after any of the postings you read on this blog, sharing with others is a healing experience so let’s pass it on!

I always welcome your personal comments by emailing me at: joanne@heartachetohealing.com


4 Responses to Write About Your Feelings

  • Diana,
    First let me say how sorry I am for your loss. Loss from a sudden death is so difficult because you don’t expect it and haven’t prepared. I imagine even though your husband was a police officer you didn’t want to think about the possibility that he would die… You know your husbands parents lost a child and one of the most difficult things one would ever experience in life is the loss of a child, so just understand their grief. That doesn’t mean it is more significant than yours because it is not. I think as grievers we need to understand that everyone is different and that the journey for one is never the same as for another. I understand your loss because of losing my husband and how everything in my household changed forever. I hope you are finding some peace in your life and are living life with the beautiful memory of your husband.

    “I measure every grief I meet with narrow probing eyes. I wonder if it weighs like mine or has an easier size.” Emily Dickinson

    with love and hope,
    JoAnne Funch

  • My husband was a police officer and was shot and killed in the line of duty Jan. 2006. I understand what it feels like to not be able to say good bye. Since his death, one of the more difficult things to deal with has been his parents. I almost feel as if they don’t think my children and I could possibly be feeling as badly as they are. I understand he was their son but he was also my husband and my children’s father

  • I agree, healing from the death of your spouse does take time because what you knew and what you had is gone and you have to find a new “normal” for you life. It has been 3 years this past June since my husband passed and even though I have been able to move on and live my new normal, I think about him everyday, mostly with thoughts about great memories of the life we shared. Oh, I shed a tear on occasion, but I am able to move back into joy more quickly…it does take time.

  • It seems that healing from the death of a spouse takes a very long time. I wonder if you ever truly heal. I guess one just gets used to the new situation. I feel stepping into a new persona helps at this time. Forget the person you were. Be someone else. Move on down the river of life.

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