Supporting widows & widowers as they move through the pain of loss and the paralyzing fear of the future to a life of peace, purpose and meaning.

The thought of starting life over alone is often filled with fear and doubt.
You may be feeling like you won’t survive your broken heart.

I assure you, there is hope and healing…

Not only will you survive the loss of your spouse, you can also find purpose and meaning in your life.

Research shows that having a defining purpose in life shows you can move through painful, challenging situations.

Most of us are more resilient than we think, and in time we will move through our grief and heal from our loss.

Restored Hope

Take back control so you don’t have to watch life from the sidelines.

Life Coaching

You can’t drive forward looking in the rearview mirror.
You also can’t change what happened, you can only change what’s going to happen.
I can be your guide.

Create Your New Normal

Get excited to love, work, and live every day with purpose.