Find Joy

Living life without anguish

contemplative woman-I decideGrief is so often a painful experience and for some a journey that never seems to end and they suffer such great sadness long after a loved one has died. Although we all grieve differently and there is no timetable saying our grief should only last a certain period of time, we can also get stuck in grief that paralyzes us from continuing to live our own life.

Recently I heard the spiritual author and teacher Gary Zukav say some thing that I thought was worth sharing because I found him quite thought provoking.

He said “If you think people… Continue reading


Today Elizabeth Edwards died after her long battle with cancer.  I so admired this woman who taught us much about resilience and facing life’s adversities.  She shared publicly her private moments of joy and sorrow all while holding her head high and using each step of her life as a teaching opportunity for her children.

Elizabeth Edwards seemed to face life with grace and dignity up to the end and on her own terms.  She was determined to spend her remaining days living,  according to the reports.   She had said that she had to… Continue reading