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A Nation Grieves For Those In Boston

prayers For BostonOnce again here in the US we are faced with grief from a horrible tragedy with the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  What we have viewed on TV is reminiscent of what we have viewed from war scenes.

The grief over the sudden deaths and injuries will make people pause and wonder if they are safe?  Is their city safe and are their children safe.  We are all experiencing the shock, anger and sadness which are all typical reactions of grief.

How do we talk to our children about what’s happened?

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Grief From A Hurricane

By now we have all seen the 24/7 coverage of the destruction on the east coast left by Hurricane Sandy on October 29th.  What I see are the many losses that the people will bear who have survived.

from Reuters

When we think of grief we immediately think of the loss of life and yet in addition to loss of life and the grief the families must bear is the huge grief survivors face.  Loss of their homes, all their personal possessions many of which are irreplaceable, their livelihood and their communities. Yes, their is much grief in… Continue reading

Grief Retreat Offers Peer Support

Having grief support is an important part of the grief journey and healing process.  Grief support can come in many different forms including grief support groups through your church, hospice, hospitals, grief centers, bereavement organizations that support a specific group of mourners and even now through Meet-Up groups.

JoAnne & Suzann

This weekend I was invited to attend a retreat called “Sacred Journey – A Retreat for the Widowed” sponsored by The Grief Project and founder Suzann Eisenberg Murray.

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Lessons Learned Getting an Oil Change

Today I went to the auto dealership to get an oil change on my car and I sat next to woman who was waiting for the work on her car to be done.  Before too long an employee came over to the woman, he spoke with her about some repairs needed for her car.  After he walked away the woman turned to me and said, “my husband used to take care of this before he died” I nodded and said yes, so did mine.

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Mourning’s Not Predictable

Mourning the loss of a loved one is not orderly or predictable, you will address the following needs when you are ready & will prepare you to take action on healing your broken heart.

– Accept the reality of the death
– Allow yourself to feel the pain & sorrow of the loss
– Allow yourself to openly remember & honor the person who died
– In time, develop a new identity
– Search for meaning in your life going forward
– Always let people in to help you during this time and always

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