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She helped me to Become a Better Person, A Widowers Story

Written by J. Lewis III. (John L. Clark III)

From the minute we met in 1990, sparks flew, and I knew she was the woman of my dreams. As fate would have it, our fathers played high school football together in the 60s, and we only found out that our fathers knew each other in 1990 when we met in college. We were both from NJ but met over 300 miles away in Hampton, VA. We had a beautiful six-year relationship that manifested into an 18-year marriage and spawned two of the most precious girls you could ever meet.  My… Continue reading

How Gratitude Can Heal Along the Journey Through Grief

How gratitude can heal along the grief journey

When we are grieving the loss of someone we loved, often we find little to nothing to be grateful for. In fact, we often have feelings of anger or despair and we focus on what we no longer have versus what we do still have.

So how can gratitude help in the journey through grief?

Gratitude is the emotional state of receiving, it is a feeling you tune into and receive.

Think back to times in your life when you felt most grateful? If you can conjure up those pictures you can bring yourself back to those feelings as often… Continue reading

Loneliness and Grief Following the Death of a Spouse

We are never prepared for the loneliness and grief following the death of a spouse. Even if we talked to our spouse who may have had a lingering illness about being alone after they pass, it still remains something you are never prepared for.

Difference Between Being Alone and Loneliness

I have been living alone now for more than ten years since the passing of my husband and much of that time I am fine being alone meaning not being with another individual or a pet. I actually had a cat most of the time, she died two years ago… Continue reading

The Uncertainty of Life

Collectively Grieving What Was

Your life is probably pretty sad, messy and filled with grief right now. You are missing your loved one who died, and you are missing a way of life that preceded this pandemic we find ourselves in the middle of. 

I’m guessing you found your way to this blog because you are mourning the loss of a loved one. But you are also saddled with the collective grief we are all experiencing as we navigate this global pandemic.

You are just trying to survive life as you knew it with your loved one and life as… Continue reading

Grieving the Death of a Sibling – Memories in a Box

Grieving the death of a sibling can be a heartbreak experience especially when the sibling dies at a young age.

Guest Post Allison Black

I remember September 5, 2010 as if it was yesterday. I peeled open my eyes, the celebrations of the night before still fogging my brain. I could hear quiet talking. I rubbed my eyes and saw my roommate on the phone. She hung up. “Get dressed my parents are taking us to lunch.” I rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes. We laughed about the fun we had the night before and thought how… Continue reading

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