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Grieving Mothers

As Mother’s Day approaches it can be a particularly sensitive occasion for those mourning the death of a mother.  I am one of those mourners.  Although it has been almost six years since my mother’s death, it will forever  be a holiday for which I can only honor her memory.  We all have our own very personal ways of remembering those who have died, and here are a few ideas; Continue reading

Grieving at a Young Age

by Lauren Muscarella

Lauren & her Mom

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 5 years old. I never knew much about her prognosis and she didn’t look sick, and almost never acted sick. The first time I noticed a change in my mother I was home from college for a wedding, four months later I visited for Thanksgiving, by then my mother had lost her hair and her mobility. The transformation shocked my system. When she passed away one month later, I was stunned.  I left the funeral and flew back to start my spring… Continue reading

Reconciling To Our Loss

If  I were to ask anyone who has or is suffering the grief of a significant loss if they wanted to eliminate the constant pain of their loss and find a way to be happy and live again I don’t think anyone would say no.  And yet, many of us walk away from the very same opportunity each day.  Having happiness again does not depend on someone walking up to you with a magic wand and waving the pain away.  No, the steps to finding peace, honoring the memory of your loved one and living life again begins with you taking the first steps.

Continue reading

Mourning’s Not Predictable

Mourning the loss of a loved one is not orderly or predictable, you will address the following needs when you are ready & will prepare you to take action on healing your broken heart.

– Accept the reality of the death
– Allow yourself to feel the pain & sorrow of the loss
– Allow yourself to openly remember & honor the person who died
– In time, develop a new identity
– Search for meaning in your life going forward
– Always let people in to help you during this time and always

with love, inspiration &… Continue reading

Death of a Sibling

Dealing with death is an experience that is an individual as we are. We all will walk the journey through losing a Father, Mother, Grandparent, Spouse, Child and Sibling.  I want to share the following article about a personal perspective on dealing with the death of a sibling.

The Unique Nature of Sibling Loss – A Personal Perspective

By Tabitha Jayne Cameron

I can still remember the call that told me my younger brother was dead. It was from my grandmother. Funnily enough I’d been contemplating that my grandparents were getting old and that I needed to prepare… Continue reading

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