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What It’s Like Becoming an Orphan

Becoming an Orphan, By Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

There is a secret club no one really talks about. It’s the orphan club.

I don’t mean orphan in the traditional sense, where a child is born and the parents are not a part of the child’s life. This club of orphans is the club one joins after both of his or her parents have passed. Not everyone becomes a member of this club but many do and those that enter before others don’t discuss it with anyone who isn’t a member, at least not in any detail.

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Lessons of Loss – Moving in a New Direction

By: Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams, LMSW

Life in my young thirties was wonderful. I was working in the school system when my youngest daughter started kindergarten. I was a happy wife and a joyful mother. Life couldn’t get better. My husband was a wonderful spouse and father. We had the American dream of having two children, a dog, living in a single family home with a fenced in backyard and swimming pool. We had fantastic neighbors and friends, and a good church family. What more could I ask for?

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Today Elizabeth Edwards died after her long battle with cancer.  I so admired this woman who taught us much about resilience and facing life’s adversities.  She shared publicly her private moments of joy and sorrow all while holding her head high and using each step of her life as a teaching opportunity for her children.

Elizabeth Edwards seemed to face life with grace and dignity up to the end and on her own terms.  She was determined to spend her remaining days living,  according to the reports.   She had said that she had to… Continue reading

Lessons From Loss are Lessons in Living Life

There are many lessons I have learned through loss, and I am coming to understand now that I probably knew these lessons all along, in other words they were within me, my core, who I am. However it took the tragedy of loss for me to remember those lessons and have the courage to take action and affirm how precious life is. I am not here to dwell on loss but rather support you in life.

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