Honor & Memorialize Loves Ones

This is Memorial Day in the U.S. — like every Memorial Day — we commemorate and remember those who’ve given their lives for our freedoms and our nation.  For every veteran and every active duty soldier and individual in military uniform — thank you. Thank you for the sacrifice you continue to make every day on our behalf. And for every family who’s lost a soldier due to service to their country — thank you.

Visiting a cemetery is really an important mourning ritual.  It can help us to embrace our loss and remember the person who died.

This memorial weekend I honored the memory of many of my family members with a visit to the cemetery.  As my Dad and I laid new flowers on my mother’s grave, I said abit of a prayer and told Mom how much we missed her.

My Dad buried buried two of their dogs next to my Mom, said they were part of the family and should be honored and remembered. If you are a pet owner, you will understand the love and devotion one has to a pet. 

We reminisced about each of our family members as we walked along this beautiful cemetery and spoke about the vast number of American flags that adorned the graves of those who served our great nation.

Did you visit a cemetery over the weekend?  What are your rituals for honoring and remembering your loved ones who have passed?  Please share your remembrance in the comments below.

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