Faith & Healing from Grief

Often our faith and spiritual belief’s are shaken to the core following the death of a loved one particularly if it is someone who has died at a young age.  We ask why?  How could a loving God make this happen?  Often we are angry at our God for taking away our loved one.

To me this is where having faith comes in, faith is trusting in the unknown or unproven.  Faith is knowing and accepting life as it is.    As the author Mike Dooley so appropriately states, “Faith acknowledges that you’re not faced with living life alone, and that you have invisible friends and energy to draw on for guidance and comfort.” Whatever your faith is, and however it is that you pray or speak your thoughts to something greater than ourselves, it is having faith that tells us someone is listening.

Does having faith taken away the pain of our sorrow?  For some believers it does.  There is peace in letting go and letting God or whatever spiritual being you have faith in to comfort us to handle our grief.

I have talked to literally hundreds of bereaved people and there is a common thread that eventually emerges from the deep sorrow and that is that they have faith that their life continues to have purpose and meaning and the memories of the loved ones lost are solid and always apart of their life.

If you find yourself questioning your faith, that is normal. I encourage you to have a conversation with a spiritual leader in your community and talk through your feelings of anger and despair.

If you’re open to uplifting, inspirational reading please check out Mike Dooley. He is one of my favorite authors. I keep his book “Notes From The Universe” on my nightstand.

infinite possibilities, mike dooley

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