Tips To Find Gratitude in Grief

Thanksgiving is that family time when we all share a meal and talk about all that we are thankful for. Sometimes through grieving we can’t seem to find gratitude through our tears and sorrow, and you know what that’s OK for now – give yourself a reasonable amount of time. You will search your soul and find many things to be grateful for when you are ready, remember to focus on those still in your life, and the many blessings you have everyday such as a job that provides security and money, a home you have to shelter you, food on your table perhaps an animal that brings you joy and comfort.  Yes, there are still many things to be thankful for during this holiday season even if you are grieving, and if you can focus your eyes on what is still here I guarantee you will some comfort in that.

Bless you and those you love.

Here is a great on-line gratitude log that is free, check it out:

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