Global Grief Requires Healing

Right now at this place in time I believe much of the world is experiencing grief from loss of jobs, income, savings and sense of self.  If you have lost a job you might feel a loss of your self-identity, isolated and alone.  These are all feelings that we go through when we experience loss.  We all know people experiencing this type of journey through grief and many people are mourning their losses outwardly.   We must mourn the loss in order to heal and move forward.

Here are a few tips to share with anyone mourning;

1. Acknowledge the  reality of the situation/loss

2. By acknowledging you will reconcile and begin to heal/move forward

3.  Let go of the identity of the lost job for instance and be open to receive a new identity

4.  Get support from others, don’t feel guilty about asking for help.  By opening yourself to help you also open yourself to new opportunities.  Remember to ask for what you want.

5,  Your loss may be physically and mentally demanding so be gentle and kind with yourself.  Take extra time for self care. Perhaps committed time for exercise, walking a massage or even just a haircut can improve our mood and self confidence.

6.  Focus on things you’re good at, even if its in your spare time. Who know, perhaps it could turn into a job or some sort of extra income. If not, you are spending your time doing something you love and that nurtures you.

7.  Break free from all the seriousness of your grief, give yourself permission to just be silly.  Afterall laughter is the best medicine.

8.  Make a list of short term goals, things you can work on everyday that will lead you to feeling better about your loss.

9.  Make a list of 2-3 people that you can turn to for help or mentoring and be sure they will be therew to support you. You will find those who don’t want to talk about your loss, so be sure whomever you chose is willing to listen and help you.

10.  Be patient.  Be present and Be hopeful.

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