Grief From A Hurricane

By now we have all seen the 24/7 coverage of the destruction on the east coast left by Hurricane Sandy on October 29th.  What I see are the many losses that the people will bear who have survived.

from Reuters

When we think of grief we immediately think of the loss of life and yet in addition to loss of life and the grief the families must bear is the huge grief survivors face.  Loss of their homes, all their personal possessions many of which are irreplaceable, their livelihood and their communities. Yes, their is much grief in these losses, we are humans and we cannot escape the pain.

We will experience the same type of emotional pain as with the loss of life such as anger, denial, sadness and depression.

How do people cope?  In many ways we cope exactly the same way we do after experiencing death. We talk about our loss, we get the support of family, friends and community.  We reach out, rather than keeping our emotions inside. Often times we see communities really come together and bond following a disaster, this is a way to cope and support each other while they grieve and rebuild their lives.

How can you help?  We can all help by reaching out to those in need by listening and offering nurturing support especially to those we may know personally. We can also support through financial donations. often this is what is most needed to begin the rebuilding process.

You can donate to your local Red Cross, or check out what Craig Newman, founder of Craig’s List is organizing. he will match the next $25,000 that comes in and he is spreading the word.

We’ve all been in pain from our losses, let’s lend a hand up to those on the East Coast and show our support as they grieve.

with love, inspiration & hope

JoAnne Funch


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