Grief Support Groups

Grief support comes in many forms including family, friends, church, organized grief groups, online grief support, online forums and blogs and grief coaching and professional therapy.

Healing does require support as you journey through the pain of your loss.  First, seek out those who you know will support, comfort, and really be there for you.  Having those shoulders to cry on and the kindness of others to patiently listen will aid in your healing journey.  Those who are genuinely caring and non-judgemental are best.   Sharing the pain doesn’t make it go away but the support of others makes the journey tolerable and knowing that life is worth living when others are there to strengthen and encourage us along.

Many people find comfort in their faith and talking with the pastor, minister or the like at their place of worship.

In most communities, you will find support groups that are organized through church’s, hospitals, funeral homes, Hospice centers, and even now through the Meet-Up organization (

I encourage anyone who is seeking more active listeners in a non-judgemental space who might not be receiving support through other means mentioned above to seek out a group in your area. (It could be as simple as doing an online search for ‘grief groups in my area’)

On-line grief support has grown dramatically in the past two years since I started this site.  There is a growing demand from people to connect online which is indicative of the explosion of social media.  Online grief support offers people immediate support from others who understand and are experiencing loss at the same time.  There is a quality of comfort in connecting with others who understand.  I will caution you however that at the same time you feel connected you can also feel isolated if you don’t seek comfort and support outside the online world.  Life is meant to be lived fully and that includes getting back involved in your business and social world prior to your loss.

I also want to mention that chatting online in forums or blogs is not a substitute if you find your feelings so overwhelming that you’re afraid your life or someone you care about is in crisis. In this case PLEASE SEEK IMMEDIATE HELP.

Some signs of being in a crisis might include;

Thinking about or planning suicide, Not caring about yourself (eating, bathing or dressing), abusing drugs or alcohol.

These are all signs that you need to seek help;

Contact 911, a local suicide hotline, local hospital or a professional therapist

Only you know what support feels best for you, the important thing to note is that you need not mourn your loss alone.


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