How Can We Grieve & Be Grateful?

During your time of sorrow you may find it impossible to find anything to be grateful for.  But I assure you even during our darkest time there are things we can be grateful for.

I am going to suggest you remain open minded to gratitude, while you may be feeling sad and alone with your grief, there are other ways to look at this moment in time.

I have heard terrible stories of those who have lost their loved ones to tragic deaths and for those it is more difficult to find any gratitude. However…

 Gratitude can be a healer and a teacher.  Be open to gratitude and you will find comfort and peace.  Here are just a few examples of grateful thinking;


  • Be grateful for the comfort & support you receive from others
  • Find gratitude in the faces of children who see wonder and possibility in holiday traditions or whimsy
  • Be grateful for your faith and the strength you gain for that faith
  • Be grateful that you are able to write you thoughts in your journal everyday
  • Find blessings in the kindness of strangers who have reached out
  • Be thankful if you have a loving family
  • Be grateful that you feel joy, peace and love during the holiday season despite your loss
  • Be grateful for the tears, for they wash away the sadness of your loss and remind you that you are and have been loved
  • Be grateful if you have a pet that offers you comfort in your time of grief

What do you find gratitude in?  Please share your comments below

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