Grieving Mothers

As Mother’s Day approaches it can be a particularly sensitive occasion for those mourning the death of a mother.  I am one of those mourners.  Although it has been almost six years since my mother’s death, it will forever  be a holiday for which I can only honor her memory.  We all have our own very personal ways of remembering those who have died, and here are a few ideas;

  • Visit the cemetery, it can be an important mourning ritual. It helps to embrace the loss and remember
  • Publish a memorial poem in the newspaper, church bulletin. Again its another way to honor your mother with a poem
  • Plant your mother’s favorite flower, afterall its spring and gardening represents growth, beauty and the natural cycles of life & death
  • Reach out to other family members and share a meal where you can all talk about fond memories of your Mother
  • Be silly, do something you loved as a kid and recall how much fun your Mom had with you as a child
  • Be mindful of someone else who might need comfort and guidance just as your Mom provided you, let a little bit of your Mom’s good works rub off, you’ll be glad you did!

Please share in the comments below, how do you remember and honor your mother?

Idea to honor mom’s memory…

Place this lovely pewter stake in your garden or at the grave site as a constant reminder of your departed loved one. One side of the dangling heart is engraved with “In Loving Memory”. Click Here

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