Has Death Been Your Teacher?

Has Death Been Your Teacher

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When someone we loved and shared a close relationship with dies, we grieve their physical presence. But have you experienced lessons you may have learned from them more profoundly after they died and has death been your teacher?

When I talk with people who are or have grieved the death of a spouse as I have, it is fascinating to hear stories about what that person death has taught them about life and the living. When we are deep in grief we can’t see any lesson, we only feel the pain of our loss and that is perfectly normal. As time goes by, we tend to reflect and often it is what that person meant to us and what we learned from having their physical presence in our life for however long or short it may have been.

Death has a way of putting life into perspective

We become open and being open means signs are all around us to grow and learn. For example, you hear about a book – that’s a teacher. You don’t have to be in the presence of a teacher to learn but they are everywhere.

Synchronicity of the Universe

I know for me following the death of my husband, so many teachers appeared in my life. There was a business colleague of my husband’s whom I did not know well but he showed up to see if he could help with our business. What he taught me was true selfless love and compassion.
Just when I thought I didn’t know what to do about a situation, someone else would show up. I have also had many instances where someone would suggest a book and that book was perfect for what I was feeling at the time.
Have you ever seen someone’s post on social media and you followed the people or link and it lead you to someone or something perfect? It’s the openness to follow those moments that lets you know you are ready to receive.

Is there a spiritual takeaway?

If you have a spiritual connection to your life then I encourage you to think about your present and your past – what are you meant to learn spiritually? Sometimes our faith is tested with a death and it takes time to heal. We may be questioning God, faith, our souls journey and asking lots of questions that start with the word why!
My spiritual beliefs came from my mom. She was open to many religious beliefs and was the most well-read person I’ve ever known when it comes to religion. She studied all the religions of the world and taught me to make my own decisions about what I believed. But one thing Mom believed in was that our body may be gone but out soul lives on, so I talk to Mom on a regular basis, I ask her for guidance and strength. I find comfort in believing her soul lives on and although I miss her terribly, I have faith that my prayers and questions are heard.

Death is part of life – we all know that

Life happens, we can’t control that – but we can control what we’ve been given no matter how painful.
I often ask people who are grieving, what would your loved one want you to do with your life?
How many people answer with “Mourn my loss indefinitely” or “Never date again” – that never happens.
For me the greatest lesson I have learn from death is how to live life. I get to decide each day to be bitter or better, to be joyful or sorrowful, to embrace the living or live in the past.

Our greatest teachers come, and they go, and I like to believe they show up when we most need them. A book, a movie, a new friend or mentor. Who have been your greatest teachers? Leave me a comment below.

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