Has Death Been Your Teacher?

Death has truly taught me much about life.  Before losing my Mom and then my husband in the same year, I went on about my life not thinking much about the end of it. Oh, my Mom was ill but even then I didn’t think too much about her not being around.  Then my husband died tragically and even he would infer from time to time that he wasn’t going to die anytime soon and we would have a long life together…we had eleven years.

Recently I read a book called “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer.  I found it to be a rather heavy thinking spiritual read. It delves deep into the soul and teaches us to awaken and release those things that keep us tethered rather than living a life of being present and alive to the life we have.

Singer says “It shouldn’t take death to challenge you to live life at your highest level. Why wait until everything is taken from you before you learn to dig deep inside yourself to reach your highest potential?”

It took me several years before I dug deep inside, before I was willing to look at my life, what was it I wanted and even deeper into what my soul to learn what truly mattered.  Of course I missed my Mom, and the life I had built with my husband…but I was not living life at my highest level.  I made a decision to change  my priorities, I find value in the simplest things like a walk in nature and stopping for ten minutes to listen to the songs of the nearby birds. Oh and work – it’s what I do to make money, but now I prioritize my time spend it with those people still living. I never, never put off a call or meeting with someone I love that I can do today.

Singer also said, “Imagine if you knew you were going to die within a week or a month.  How would you change things? How would your priorities change? How would your thoughts change?  What are you doing with life?  That is what death asks you.”

I’ve had many years now to understand how the deaths of people I loved have been my teacher and how will I choose to LIVE the rest of my life.  I am still learning and growing and this path of self discovery continues to open my mind and heart to love and blessings.

How about you, please share in the comments below how death has been your teacher. – JoAnne

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