Healing Grief Includes Rest

Healing through grief includes getting alot of rest and actually is a good practice for all of us living in these crazy and unsettled times.   Following a significant death we are often anxious and our natural instinct to worry about the unfinished or unknown business looms large.   Remaining calm is great in theory but to practice this when your life has been forever shattered and changed isn’t easy.

I suggest to start by making a list of ways you can take time everyday for some extra rest, perhaps that might me sending the kids to the neighbors for a hour so you can take a nap, or scheduling an hour at the end of the day just to take a walk, breathe and let go of your worries for just that hour.  Also remind yourself that somethings are just out of your hands and so letting thoughts of worry go and intentionally making time to rest your weary mind and body is essential to your future well being.

According to author Martha Beck, “Most humans by contrast, rest in a state of anxiety, guilt and unease.  We don’t mean it. This keeps life’s downtimes from fulfilling their natural function, which is to restore and heal.”  I find this statement to be particularly true and I bet it is for you too!  I find myself laying out a guilt trip saying things like “I need to finish that project” or “I really need to catch up on my emails before Monday” and so often work trumps rest.

Beck goes on to say that “even grief when accepted fearlessly is restorative.  Some therapists call it the healing feeling.” Life is often telling us to rest, we need to stop and listen and learn to not apologize for taking time off to rest.

I hope you’ve taken some time to restore and heal, oh and rest like you mean it!

Need Inspiration?   Check out this beautiful book “Hope For A Hurting Heart” –

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