Honoring The Memories of Loved Ones

Honoring the memories of our loved ones is important, it is personal and individual. Some people find great solace in with visits to a cemetery, others honor with religious services.  Each year on the anniversary of my husband’s death I write a poem.  For me writing is  a therapeutic expression of how I am feeling about my own personal grief journey.   I also have a martini every year and make a toast to my husband! It’s just a personal meaningful gesture, both bittersweet and joy filled at the same time. Here is this years poem…

In The Quiet Hours of The Day

In the quiet hours of the day
I often wonder if you are with me, I wonder if you are you okay?

If I close my eyes and breathe releasing my daily strife,
I hear your voice inside my head telling me to go on and live life.

I often dream and want to know what it is like to be where you are,
where love lives in faith and all is imagined to be perfect and pure.

I want to release my loss to the heavens above and be in a state of grace,
And I pray to you dear God that you guide me to this place.

As the years pass by, the memories still held near
I become more grateful for the time you were here.

Each year as I grow stronger that love, courage and strength will endure,
my friends remind me I already have this and for that they seem so sure.

So gratitude is now what envelops my soul,
each year that goes by I become more and more whole.

© JoAnne Funch 2013

memory of Allan

How do you honor the memory of your loved ones? If you feel inspired, please share in the comments below.



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