How Pets Help the grieving process

Statistics have shown that people who have a pet to care for live longer and have fewer health problems.   It is a way to support your mental health and pets are more loving than a therapist! (now all the therapists will email me, but you know what I mean)

I have a cat who has been with me since my husband died and she has been a surprisingly wonderful companion.  She is more attentive and loving than I had imagined. Somehow instinctively she senses when I need her warm touch, and she will come and sit on my lap.

Have you visited  a pet store lately?  If not,  you might be surprised at the wide array  of animals you can have as pets. Perhaps you aren’t a dog or cat person; consider having a rabbit, a hamster, or a fish.  A pet provides companionship and someone to talk to. (Pets are excellent listeners.) Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle because pets are a responsibility-, but are usually worth the effort and you will find them great healers on your journey through the grieving process. You might also consider visiting your local animal shelter or dog pound. They are always looking for loving homes for their animals.


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