How Will Your Life Look in 2009?

Now that we’ve gotten through the holidays we are probably contemplating how will our life look in 2009?

As with most people January is a time for goal setting and planning for the coming year, well I believe if you are experiencing some sort of loss transition you too are wondering what the new year will bring. I believe finding hope, inspiration and the will to move forward in order to set those goals requires you to make the decision that you can and desire to move forward. Living on purpose really is about deciding to find purpose in your life and then taking the steps and getting the tools to do just that.

We certainly should wake up in the morning with the intent to have a day filled with joy and optimism and that positive attitude is the first step. The second step in to have a plan as to how you you will accomplish something. If you need more tools to accomplish your goals, then invest in yourself and get the tools you need. If you need support I encourage you to seek it out, whether it is from your family and friends or a professional. Most often professionals will catapult your progess much faster than your going it alone.

Here are some quick tips to get you started on a plan for 2009;

1. What goals do I have both short term and long term for 2009? (you can list both personally & professionally)

2. What are the obstacles that may be in the way of achieving these goals?

3. Who can help me achieve my goals? (list people and tools that will aid in the success of your goals)

A new year is for new beginnings, I wish all of you wonderful new beginnings. Contact me if I can help.

JoAnne Funch


“And now let us welcome the new year–full of things that have never been.”

–Rainer Maria Rilke

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