“Following the death of my husband I attended the “Transforming Your Life Following The Death of a Spouse” workshop. I didn’t think that I needed this kind of format in my grief journey, but I found it to be a very positive, thought provoking, emotionally freeing and supportive place to begin to find my “new normal”.   – Jeannette Orsch



“I worked with JoAnne  for one month. I looked forward to her calls and her reassuring voice. The worksheets she emailed helped me focus my thoughts. I discovered many things about myself in going over these worksheets with her. She is very intuitive and often went right to the point which I sometimes missed. She gave me helpful suggestions and guidance for moving forward with my life as a widow. I hope to stay in touch with this gifted woman.”

–  Jo ann Brown

“I have been a widower for a short time (Dec 24,2011); however, your website has been an awesome help for me! It’s as though it was written and placed here for me expressly. By the time I found it I had already been told stupid things like you’ll find someone else, i know how you feel my dad died, and so forth. Then i found the grievers bill of rights. It stated most of what i was going through or getting ready to go through.

I read your articles and they helped immensely. Thank you and may God bless your work for it truly is a blessing at this time of our lives” ~Chuck

“There I was, experiencing my first true loss, my grandmother who I grew up knowing as mom. I was devastated but life had to continue. As I began to pick up the pieces, I had an epiphany…there is no right way to grieve. There were so many questions, emotions and feelings that seemed to overwhelm me until I interviewed JoAnne Funch on my blog talk radio The Reborn Identity segment Is There a Right Way to Grieve? JoAnne spoke to my audience and to my heart about her experiences with loss and what ultimately became her mission…Heartache to Healing. I would encourage anyone seeking a speaker with passion, knowledge, research and compassion for your audience, need to look no further than to JoAnne Funch of Heartache to Healing. She was professional, informative and inspirational. No doubt, I will be inviting her to be a guest on our show again.

Vivionne Keli
Executive Director & Host”

“JoAnne’s grace and strength are an inspiration to everyone who hears her story. After losing the two most important and supportive people in her life in a shockingly short period of time, she chose to find the blessing in the pain and create a life that inspires her and empowers others who are experiencing the same type of loss.”

Lisa Marie Platske, President/CEO, Upside Thinking, Inc.
Riverside, CA 92507

“I admire you. I lost my precious husband this February and am totally inconsolable.  I had 12 beautiful years with him but still feel cheated, bitter and angry. People like you make me realize what a lot I have to be grateful for.”

Thank You

“You are so kind and know all the correct things to say. I agree with you exactly. Because I wasn’t family or married to him some people think it is no big deal. Thanks for you support again.

I live in Dublin Ireland. During the early days I would sit surfing the net looking for ways that I would be able to help myself cope with this tragedy. I found your website and as I said yesterday found it really refreshing and supportive. You are really great.”


Julie Prendergast

“Grief needs a voice Joanne, and you’ve provided me with so much information – keep on keepin on.”

Shannon Hoag

Dear Joanne

“I am so happy to have found your site,, you make grief  so much less painful  to deal with when I read your messages.. This was my 3rd Christmas with out my husband (who died very suddenly of a massive heart attack.Jan 07)I have 3 three boys who are stricken was such sadness around the holidays.. So as you I try and make new traditions around our home.. Tears come in waves. good days and bad.. I find it very difficult to attend parties and etc.. alone.. I’m hoping 2010 will bring us much happiness !!!”

thanks for listening

Suzanne Grossman  12/31/09

“Hi JoAnne, just a note to let you know that I do enjoy your messages, so many times I receive them exactly when they are most needed.”

Thank You again, Jane Fish   1/9/10


7 Responses to Testimonials

  • @susan I hope you were able to find a support group. You can find them through a church, hospice, funeral homes and possibly hospitals. There are many resources online as well. Please join the Heartache To Healing Facebook page and connect with others there.

  • I lost my husband on October 4th 2018 in a terrible car accident. We were together for 24 years. He was only 55, and now I’m a widow at 52. I miss him so much and find it so hard to be alone. We have 3 children, Which are all grown adults.As far as I know, there are no support groups in the city I live.

  • Hi My name is Beatrice and I just lost my best,friend , husband of 41 1/2 years we have known each other since we were small children. I have never been alone and I don’t know what im and suppose to do.


  • Love the feed Back from this page as I try to morn the death of my ex husband of 10 years. the things everyone forgets is THAT i loved him aNS WAS so happy to be marrying him 25 years ago. We proceeded to be married for 16 after having two girls one. Being spina bifida \\. We seperted and went out way ten years ago with him taking little to no visitation and of course me being all to blame. He3 would not take visitation especially if he had to travel to whitecourt and ended u never coming and of course this is my fault. You say you fell out of love with me after I KICKED YOU OUT but then only took our girls for a few visitations. After being divorced for 10 years I GET AN announcement that you have paraded away after a battle with cancer 1- 1!/2 years that my daughter and I HAD NOT IDEA
    No matter how much of a jerk you were i still loved you for and wished for the family we should have had and did start. You has no interest in our girls with one being special needs. Your worked away from home and made me lookl like the off side one. You lied about cheating with others and thought is was fine to say you fell out of love but that was a choice as you were not trying.From there you did not try to take visitation as it was too far and you did not have time but somehow I always felt guilty- it was too far and I could drive half way when you had never seen them for a long time. At our youngest memorial you brought a wife that the kids had never met and thought that was fine. Now that you have found some one new again you think that is fine but you girl was never asked or talked to. Did I influence her you bet as I did not want her hurt when you never made the time for thief and thought that phone calls were fine asking the same questions over and over again. The girls not wanting to talk to you;. I have always loved you but you never wanted me or the kids and they meant the world to me so I protected them from you as you never seemed interested in them if it took any effort or time just like our marriage. I am sure you had a reason for keeping your illness of cancer from us and not sharing and that will heal. I hope that you find comfort in the after world as I try and come to terms with what and why you did the thongs you did . I loved you so deeply and then you rejected my love for whatever reason but may you rest in peace and find happyiness.

  • Hello, I just lost my husband of 34yrs., he was only 60yrs. old. When I say just it was 8/13/2016, I am so all alone, we did everything together, we were with each other 24/7 we never left each other’s side. Oh how I Love him so much, and miss him. I can be in a crowd and still feel all alone, I hate this feeling, my hardest times are at night time because my bed is so empty, and early in the A.M. like 4 or 5 A.M. We both woke up early, then he liked to call around 3P.M. his dip in the day and he loved to take a nap. We have 3 dogs and 1 especially was his shadow, and the eldest of the 3 dogs is just lost without him, and the 3rd dog is mine he just turned 1yr. old. I keep thinking my husband is in the hospital and he will be coming home soon. This seems like a nightmare and I am going to wake up from it real soon. I have 2 adult children that live with me as well as my daughters fiancé, but like I said I am still so lonely, they are so worried about me giving up, but I won’t, because my husband lives thru me, I have to stay alive. I can’t sleep, just an hour here and maybe 2 hrs. there, I wish I could sleep for hours. I hope this is where I leave my story, if not can this be erased and posted where it supposed to….Thank You

  • I lost my husband of 50 years just 3 months ago.I was only 16 and he was 22. It was not supposed to work but we proved the all wrong. We have 2 daughters and 4 wonderful grandchildren. Where do I even start to begin a life without him in it?

  • Hi JoAnne,
    I just found your site and am very impressed. I am the executive director of Friends for Survival. We currently are providing support and encouragement to 4,500 families grieving a suicide death. We do a monthly newsletter and recently started a column on grief and how pets are helpful. That’s how I found your site.
    May I use the article on your site? with your permission I would also like of acknowledge your excellent website
    By the way, I was born and raised in North Dakota and know what you mean about a different lifestyle. I now live in California.
    I look forward to your response. I couldn’t find a tab for contacting you.

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