Let’s Hang To What We’ve Got

Today I heard this old song on the radio by Frankie Valli -“Let’s Hang On”

Let’s hang on to what we’ve got

Don’t let go girl we’ve got a lot

Got a lot of love between us

Hang on hang on hang on

To what we’ve got

and the song reminded me that despite our losses and grief, we need to remember to hold on to the love and people we do have in our lives.  It’s easy to fall into the self-pity trap, I know this trap very well, been there a few times!

During the holiday season and other dates of significance we tend to fall into that trap and I’m just suggesting you too remember to hold on to what you’ve got – children, a loving spouse, parents and loyal friendships.  These are the people who continue to sustain us through life’s difficult times and are there to celebrate life’s joyous times.

So…Let’s Hang On To What We Got

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