Living life without anguish

contemplative woman-I decideGrief is so often a painful experience and for some a journey that never seems to end and they suffer such great sadness long after a loved one has died. Although we all grieve differently and there is no timetable saying our grief should only last a certain period of time, we can also get stuck in grief that paralyzes us from continuing to live our own life.

Recently I heard the spiritual author and teacher Gary Zukav say some thing that I thought was worth sharing because I found him quite thought provoking.

He said “If you think people left earth when they chose you will then begin to see the gifts the soul gave you while on this earth.  You will get to a place where you are grateful for the short time this person whose to be with YOU, otherwise you will live in anguish.”

He also went on to say, “If you look at your loved one as that soul who voluntarily entered the earth and voluntarily chose to leave, you will appreciate the power of the interaction you had with that soul and then you will feel the power of those gifts you received.” 

Can we learn from joy versus suffering?

I think we can find meaning in everything and everything is a choice.  We can choose to to grieve actively and at the same time feel blessed for the time we had with our loved ones who have departed or we can choose to grieve and mourn our loss feeling hopeless that life will go on for us.

We all will experience both love and loss – this is a universal truth.  How we grieve often determines how we will continue to live and how we will seek out joy.

I encourage you to find some joy today – perhaps a walk in park, coffee with an old friend or taking  time to watch children at play.  Joy comes in all forms and sometimes we have to work harder at finding it especially on those days when all we want to do is cry.

Isn’t the greatest honor we could bestow upon the memory of our loved ones is to live life in joy rather than sorrow?  In peaceful contentment rather than anxiety and stress?  Something to think about….

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