Meaning of Life

This week I got to thinking about a deeper meaning to my life, which I do from time to time and I remembered a quote by the late George Carlin “Just when I found out the meaning of life, they changed it.”

I know this sounds like a really heavy and profound subject, but  if you’ve experience death, it makes you think about life.  You reflect on lives and loves that are lost and your place in the world and usually that means a world that offers you more meaning, a purpose to exist and get up everyday to do what you do. Sometimes when you lose a child you question everything about life including your faith, when you lose a spouse you wonder how will I get through this life without my partner?  Yes, death has a way of making us question the meaning of our lives.

I believe we need to be flexible to the ebbs and flows of our life particularly after a loss. Our life will take many turns during this period and so being able to “go with the flow” of life will be less stressful and can often times bring more meaning if we allow ourselves to live in the moment.  As life changes, we also need to change.   Something to think about…

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