Miracles of Grief In Plain Sight

Miracles can happen when you least expect it during grief.   Miracles in sharing the experience of grief, mourning, releasing and reclaiming who we were before our loss and grief.  The weekend retreat called “Grieving In Plain Sight” held August 17-19th 2012 allowed attendees to have a safe place to come and grieve in plain sight with other people who are also walking their own grief journey.  According to organizer Sandy Brosam, “you’ve been taught not to express your loss, grieving should be private, and that you’re supposed to “hide your pain” from public view.”

Sandy Brosam

Sandy has dealt with the deaths of two of her children and knows first hand the pain and suffering of grief.  Her dream was to create an event where people could come and receive comfort, knowledge and love as they go through the pain of their losses.

The conference addressed the needs of the military with Col Greg Cook (Ret) with a military resources presentation, other topics covered were; Finding Strength in Times of Loss, Death Isn’t The End of Your Life, Pet Loss, Shift From Grieving To Thriving, Walking With God’s Love, Transforming Your Life Following The Death of a Spouse and more.


Mark Darroch

Guest keynote speaker Mark Darroch, spoke about how we lose our authentic self in grief and how it takes faith on the journey.  “Hope is the faith we can’t see.”

Mark’s book is “Faith on Purpose”



Donna Madej

Donna Madej an amazing harpist who works at Sacred Heart Hospital & St Joseph Care Center where she lovingly plays the harp for those in the end of life care.

Attendees participated in a live butterfly release which represented releasing and renewing for the survivors.  This was such a personal and powerful experience.

How will you renew? Will you release your sorrow for joy?  





The message was reinforced that grief is a process not a condition or illness. Often we experience anger, rage, fear, dread and guilt. The attendees were able to share these feelings.

Everyone reached out for help – that’s why they came.  They wanted to know how to cope, how to mend a broken heart and how to live life again.

Who can you ask for physical and emotional support?

There is power in mutual support from peers, those who attended the retreat weekend discovered this.   Where can you find peer support?  A group for bereaved parents or widows?

The retreat offered self-care with “The Healing Garden Room” free to all attendees.

Self nurturing is about self acceptance & taking responsibility for how we feel & what we need.  The stress of grief can actually compromise your immune system. Will you practice self care?

The biggest question that comes up is “Will I ever get over this? and When will I feel better?”

I don’t believe we “get over” our loss, rather we learn to reconcile to it. Continue to ask people who support you for what you need.

How to live an empowered life…

Healing ceremony

Will you choose to mourn openly, honestly and actively so that you can heal?

Will you choose to keep grief inside and allow it to fester?

Will you choose to merely survive or will you choose to live?




Heritage Makers Memory Books

The attendees were provided a free memory book & personalized instruction from Alicia Burgett of Heritage Makers.






HOPE, we are becoming bigger than out pain

– Sandy Brosam

click here for Sandy’s book


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