A Mothers Day Gift

Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for those who have lost their mother and for those who have lost children.  There are millions of people for whom Mother’s Day is sad an lonely especially when you see others buying gifts and planning brunches and you spend quiet hours in grief.

I too am motherless and I choose to honor and remember my Mom by talking about her, sharing stories and memories that warm my heart and for one special day I honor her in death as I would in life.  I look at the tree that was planted in her honor and see how many feet it has grown since her death and I suspect my mom in her infinite wisdom and love of the earth and all things in nature somehow aids in the growth process!

If you know someone who lost their Mom, or a mother who has lost a child this past year, take a moment to acknowledge their loss and share in remembering.  Let them know you too honor the memory with them, rather than letting the day pass with words unspoken because you think the pain is too great to talk remember because I assure you a kind gesture of acknowledge brings great comfort to those who grieve.

Yes, my mother was truly a gift for which I remain eternally grateful.

How do you honor and remember your Mother?  How do you honor yourself as the mother of a child who has passed? 

What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?  Please share your comments below



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