Sadness as a Part of the Journey to Healing

  Sadness can be the most hurtful feeling on your journey through grief.   But sadness is natural, and an authentic emotion following the death of a loved one.  Allowing yourself to feel the sadness is in large part what your journey toward healing is all about according to Dr Alan Wolfelt.
Yes healing.  You may not feel like you will ever heal but I assure you that you will.  Oh, it may take weeks and months before you are confronted by the depth of your sorrow, which is good because you could not and should not handle it all at one time.
Be patient with yourself, surround yourself with loving, nurturing people who will understand and support you.
Occasionally, your feelings of sorrow can be overwhelming and might be classified as “clinical depression.” Grief shares many of the symptoms of depression.  If you are unsure if you are experiencing the normal affects of grief or if you are clinically depressed, please seek out professional help.  Sometimes we need help not just for our physical ailments but for our emotional needs as well.
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