Welcome to Transforming Your Life Following The Death of a Spouse or Life Partner

JoAnne’ s Tips For Getting Started

Hi there!

It’s great to have you join me in the Transforming Your Life
Home Study Program

In this program:

1.Learn to communicate your needs in asking for help and consistent support beyond the


2.Learn to cope with your feelings of loss when everyone else seemingly has moved on

3.How To embrace your new role as single rather than as a couple and deal with feelings of

being left out of a world filled with couples

4.From widowhood to self hood: Rediscover who you were when before you were a couple

5.How to take fun seriously – learning that every moment is not about death & grief and

6.How to live an empowered life – taking responsibility for living a life of passion & meaning.

BONUS: How to cope with the significant dates; wedding anniversaries, birthdays, holidays


If you need any assistance, please feel free to drop me an email at

Now, don’t hesitate. Take a breath & be open to this process of discovery and growth,

download the first session and get started!

I’m excited and humbled to guide you through this journey.

With love, inspiration and hope,

JoAnne Funch

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