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Bereavement & Grief Workshops

I am committed to helping the bereaved through their grief journey. Coping with death is one of the most difficult things we all experience, I offer workshops on the following topics as well as custom workshops that will meet your groups needs.


Areas of expertise: Target Audience:
Grief Recovery Church groups & related conferences
Motivation Funeral Homes offering bereavement support & related conferences
Women Women’s organizations & events
Healthcare Bereavement Recovery
Insurance Industry Insurance Agents & conferences offering tips for consumers
Financial Planners Estate planning tips


How To Cope With Grief During The Holidays – The holidays are a joyous time for most, but for those who have experienced a loss, this usually festive time of year can be a painful reminder that their loved one is no longer around. This workshop offers practical ideas you can benefit from immediately on how to cope through the last two months of the year.

From Heartache to Healing I – Designed for those grieving a relatively new loss

Discover how to cope with the heartbreak of losing a loved. This workshop will offer you real suggestions that will take you from a place of darkness and pain to a place of lightness and comfort.

From Heartache to Healing II – Designed for those who have taken part I and/or those who are saying; when does the crying stop, I don’t know how to move on, I don’t want to forget and yet everyone else has moved on, how will I go on without my loved one

Transforming Your Life Following the Death of a Spouse – This workshop is designed for those who have been widowed more than 6 months. You will learn how to cope with the loss of your spouse, deal with the loneliness and aloneness of being single again as well as fill you with hope while putting meaning back into your life. This speaking topic is taken from the 6 week workshop.

Death Isn’t The End of Your Life – Grief Guidance for Survivors (compilation of I & II above)

This workshop will help you understand the grieving process and provide heartfelt guidance as you journey through the emotions of your loss. You will be given the opportunity to actively participate or quietly take in the information with your privacy honored.

BereavementInTheWorkplace book coverBereavement In The Workplace – Grief Guidance For Employers & Employees

This workshop is ideal for company wellness programs. It empowers both the employer and employees with knowledge about grief.



The outline includes;

  • Myths about grief
  • Why you need to mourn & grieve
  • Asking for help & peer support
  • Your emotions & grief
  • Grief happens on the job
  • Understanding grief & the affects in the workplace
  • How to acknowledge a loss at work
  • Suggestions on what to say and what not to say

Bereavement In The Workplace -How To Become a More Compassionate Employer

This workshop is for HR professionals & employers who want to learn more about handling workplace bereavement via wellness programs.

  • Fact #1 – “Workplace grief costs U.S. businesses over $75 billion per year in reduced productivity, increased errors and accidents”
  • Fact #2 – “Workplace stress costs are estimated at $300 billion per year”
  • Fact #3 – Grief DOES happen on the job – being aware of the impact and dealing with it correctly will garner loyalty
  • Fact #4 – There are many benefits of being a compassionate employer

JoAnne presented her workshop “Bereavement in the Workplace” as a seminar for our employee wellness program. Since we’d had several losses among our employees, we felt the need for this presentation at our workplace. JoAnne explained the many facets of grief and how to cope with all the varying emotions around loss. Reassurance that it’s ok to grieve while at work and learning how to ask for help is an important part of JoAnne’s message. Examples of what to say to a grieving person are invaluable when people feel uncomfortable and don’t know how to communicate with a grieving person. JoAnne was easy to work with in customizing her presentation to our needs and I would highly recommend her as a speaker with an excellent website offering resources on grief and bereavement.


Joyce Edmeier, Human Resources, City of Maple Grove

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization, please call or email me to set-up a time we can talk about your needs.

Contact me at: joanne@heartachetohealing.com

Phone: 763-497-1779


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