Grief Support

Hold a Candle for a Grieving Loved One

Family & friends can be your light in the darkness of grief.

By Kathryn Haugen

It has now been six months since I lost my beloved husband, Paul, after almost 38 years together.   I am totally shocked that he is gone and still feel like he will walk through the door at any moment.  

My emotions are all over the place.  I can talk to people about what happened in a calm manner and then crack up looking at Paul’s shoes. Although I am still in the midst of an emotional roller coaster, I can also see that I… Continue reading

Open Your Eyes To Grief Support, It Can Be Anywhere

By opening our eyes and our heart to grief support, it often comes to us in way we never imagined.  I hear this all the time from readers of this blog and it has happened to me personally.  Below is a story from Diane Dettmann who share her personal experience. I hope it will inspire you! – JoAnne


In 2000 when my fifty-three year old husband died suddenly, finding meaning in life again seemed like an impossible task.  Never able to have children, we spent our twenty-eight years of… Continue reading

Will I Ever Get Over My Grief?

People ask me this question often because they are in pain. They wonder if they will ever be happy again.  First let me say that I don’t believe you ever “get over” your loss, rather we learn to reconcile to it in time.  With that said, we do live in a society here in America  and I suspect other industrialized nations in the world where everyone wants us to  get over it, and get back to what others deem as normal life.

I know from my own personal experiences of loss that I felt like I was in a tunnel looking out and life was busy and chaotic all around me and I felt frozen in time.   I acknowledge such cultures and religions honor the dead and the bereaved differently and I praise them for this.

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Grief Retreat Offers Peer Support

Having grief support is an important part of the grief journey and healing process.  Grief support can come in many different forms including grief support groups through your church, hospice, hospitals, grief centers, bereavement organizations that support a specific group of mourners and even now through Meet-Up groups.

JoAnne & Suzann

This weekend I was invited to attend a retreat called “Sacred Journey – A Retreat for the Widowed” sponsored by The Grief Project and founder Suzann Eisenberg Murray.

The retreat began with grief counselors talking about grief as an experience of change and loss and how grief affects… Continue reading

Lessons Learned Getting an Oil Change

Today I went to the auto dealership to get an oil change on my car and I sat next to woman who was waiting for the work on her car to be done.  Before too long an employee came over to the woman, he spoke with her about some repairs needed for her car.  After he walked away the woman turned to me and said, “my husband used to take care of this before he died” I nodded and said yes, so did mine.

It got me thinking about how anyone grieving a death not only grieves because… Continue reading