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Sadness as a Part of the Journey to Healing

  Sadness can be the most hurtful feeling on your journey through grief.   But sadness is natural, and an authentic emotion following the death of a loved one.  Allowing yourself to feel the sadness is in large part what your journey toward healing is all about according to Dr Alan Wolfelt.
Yes healing.  You may not feel like you will ever heal but I assure you that you will.  Oh, it may take weeks and months before you are confronted by the depth of your sorrow, which is good because you could not and… Continue reading

How Will The Haitians Grieve Their Loved Ones

The grief in Haiti is unimaginable; we have all seen the visual images of the death and destruction. CNN has reported that a government official said the death toll from the January 12th 7.0-magnitude earthquake may exceed between 100,000-200,000. The exact number is unknown and may remain unknown.

About 3 million people — one-third of Haiti’s population — were affected by the quake, the Red Cross said.

In addition to the physical suffering, there is the grief.  Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to loss.  I learned through some research* that the majority of the people are Catholics or Protestants, whose practice is to provide last rites to the dead and a proper burial.  The main Cathedral in Port Au Prince has crumbled; there will be no prayer vigils and no funeral masses for the dead.

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