No Need to Grieve Alone

JoAnne, Linda, Pam

JoAnne, Linda, Pam

Last week my friend Pam was faced with the two year anniversary of her husband Denny’s death and she didn’t want to do it alone. She had asked our mutual friend Linda and myself to accompany her to light a candle at church in his memory and to share a meal with her which we did to celebrate Denny’s life.

I was proud of Pam for asking for what she needed, and that was the support of friends who understood her loss, which both Linda and I did after losing our significant others and to not be… Continue reading

Thoughts on Change

p9040005smThis week while riding my bike I got to thinking about the word change and how it affects all of us who grieve loss.

Change is inevitable, just as death is an inevitable part of life, but as I rode on through the beautiful bike trails around my home I wondered how do we accept or embrace change when it isn’t a change we ever wanted and in some cases change we didn’t expect to happen?

Here are a few thoughts I came up with;

– we usually sit in fear of the unknown, which is when the change is… Continue reading

Giving Grief Its Due

Just days before my fiftieth birthday last  April, my beloved dog Tanner became gravely ill. He was diagnosed with a rare, terminal condition and died in June.

My friend Suzy helped me bury Tanner in my backyard, right by some special lilies I’d planted in memory of my husband. Adam also had died of a rare illness, a relatively rare bone marrow cancer called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia, in May 2003.

In between losing Adam and Tanner, I lost my mother, as well, to complications from strokes she suffered at a family reunion on a beach in Maine in August 2005.… Continue reading

Thoughts on Father’s Day


Dad and myself

I wanted to share some thoughts I have about Father’s today. First, I am blessed to have my father still here with our family. At 79 years old he is still vibrant, relatively healthy and interested in life. He golfs twice a week, still cares for his yard and house, owns a business he participates in when necessary and usually is the one partner with all the creative and savvy ideas.

My step daughter isn’t so blessed to have her Dad with us as many of my regular readers know my husband died in June of 2005.… Continue reading

Courage To Heal Your Heart

istock_000005337376xsmallI got to thinking this week on what it takes to heal your broken heart after a loss and the word that came to me was courage.  I know it isn’t always easy to get up each day and go on with life after suffering a loss of a loved one, it takes courage.  Here are a few thoughts to help you through;

  • Challenge yourself to be happy again
  • Be grateful for the life you have NOW
  • Time for change offers time to be creative, let your creativity blossom!
  • Celebrate who you are, might mean really getting… Continue reading

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