grieving process

The Anguish of Sudden Death

The anguish of someone you love dying suddenly is one of those things you just can’t imagine will ever happen to you.  I couldn’t have imagined it either until it happened to me.  The moment still remains so surreal.  My husband and I owned a business together and were working in our building like we did everyday.   This particular day he was on a ladder installing some electrical conduit onto a wall when he fell from the ladder onto the concrete floor.  In that instant my life was forever changed.  I ran to… Continue reading

Inspiration & Hope

There are many lessons I have learned through loss, and I am coming to understand now that I probably knew these lessons all along, in other words they were within me, my core, who I am. However it took the tragedy of loss for me to remember those lessons and have the courage to take action and affirm how precious life is. I am not here to dwell on loss but rather support you in life.

Healing a broken heart can be done with time, courage and the desire to heal. Going through the grieving process and healing comes from… Continue reading

Miracles in the grieving process

Each day miracles are operating around us and within our lives, even during the grieving process.  When we are most in need and we are open to receive they will appear. Allow your needs to be heard by the universe today and awaken a sacred invitation for a miracle.  This will allow you to receive and be open to love, hope, inspiration along your journey through the grieving process.


The loneliness of loss can be one of the most painful of the emotions you will feel during the grieving process. I know for myself and for my Dad, after the loss of our spouse the evenings are particularly a lonely time because it’s the end of the day and the time you usually settled in for dinner and an evening with your spouse.  You might want to find something to do once or twice a week to break up the evening loneliness even if it is dinner at a friends or and evening playing cards with a local… Continue reading

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