Spring Restores Hope

daffodilsEveryone loves spring. It’s the season which awakens our senses with its exquisite colors, transporting fragrances, bird whistles, chirps and additional daylight. Spring’s breathtaking beauty doesn’t just elevate our mood, it restores our hope. Here’s how.

For kids hope is staring out a window and counting the days until summer. For teens hope asks, “Where will the girls be; where the boys will be?” For young adults hope wonders, “Where will I find my soul mate?” For middle age adults hope finds extra daylight after work and cleans up the St. Francis statue in the vegetable garden. For elder adults… Continue reading

Miracles in the grieving process

Each day miracles are operating around us and within our lives, even during the grieving process.  When we are most in need and we are open to receive they will appear. Allow your needs to be heard by the universe today and awaken a sacred invitation for a miracle.  This will allow you to receive and be open to love, hope, inspiration along your journey through the grieving process.

Grief can cause stress in a marriage

Grief can cause stress in a marriage particularly if a child dies because often the husband and wife grieve differently. Often women will cry and hide away at home alone and men will bury themselves in their work.

It is important to acknowledge each others grief and support that path.  At the same time it is easy to lose sight of the need to support the marriage because your grief can become so debilitating.  This is the time to seek help from a professional  who is can give you tools to support the grieving process and the… Continue reading

How Will Your Life Look in 2009?

Now that we’ve gotten through the holidays we are probably contemplating how will our life look in 2009?

As with most people January is a time for goal setting and planning for the coming year, well I believe if you are experiencing some sort of loss transition you too are wondering what the new year will bring. I believe finding hope, inspiration and the will to move forward in order to set those goals requires you to make the decision that you can and desire to move forward. Living on purpose really is about deciding to find purpose in your… Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

As I sit with my morning coffee and look outside on the blanket of glistening snow I recite all that I am grateful for this Christmas morning. At the same time I remembered all the Christmas mornings with my husband and Mom who are no longer here, but I choose to find and feel the joy in today. Soon all the family that will gather for a wonderful dinner and we celebrate that we are here, together in this moment in time. I think there is nothing better than sharing a meal with those you love.

This morning I received… Continue reading